A fine line

I’ve noticed that there is a fine line between hentai, and normal romance animes. The anime’s on this line are usually uncensored and ecchi but don’t include the normal bad hentai stuff(ie head, graphic sex). This is what I meant when I was asking for onee San character type romance anime. Like ane naru mono. It doesn’t have to be onee San character type but I’d like it to just focus on the two characters and their relationship. I like these anime and manga because the romance isn’t slow and they aren’t scared of physical contact. Yes I’m well aware that this is a very specific thing and that it is very possibly some sort of fetish. I just hope some like minded people will have a good recommendation or two. Anime or manga is fine. I’ve got like a thousand other things I want to ask for but I’ll leave this sub alone for today. via /r/Animesuggest https://ift.tt/2qQVZll

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