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I'm bored on my lunch break and I'm going through this sub and r/conspiracygrumps , and I seen something listing reasons why Dan and Arin are assholes. Obviously things like the "rando on the internet" thing I agreed with, and I feel like most of us do, but there are certain points I just can't agree with. Especially Arin's association with Shadman.First of all, Arin associated with Shadman years ago, back when he was active on Newgrounds. People are still bringing this up, but not bringing up others, like Spazkid, who also makes commission hentai that could easily be looked at and inferred that the characters presented are underage. Not to mention, Spazkid was literally on Tableflip. Regardless, I don't think either of these people are bad guys; which leads me to my second point.Second of all, Shadman isn't a terrible person. Here's a link to a podcast in which Shadman explains his past: https://youtu.be/mru17S2sO20 At least for me, it put his personality in perspective. Regardless, you could say, "Yeah, he did some good respectable things, but he still draws loli hentai". I really can't say I blame him. I fully expect responses criticizing this point in particular, but I really don't care, I would definitely do the exact same thing as him if I was 1: As into art as he is, 2: As skilled as he is, and 3: Making money or having the potential to make a lot of money under an anonymous name. I don't believe he's a pedophile, and I'm not a pedophile, but I think what he does is FAR from the worst I've seen online.I know this is rant GRUMPS, but I had to say this. Criticizing Arin for this just seems completely unjustified to me, and there's plenty to criticize him for. This is not one of those things. via /r/rantgrumps https://ift.tt/2KsYXFA

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