Ainz lived in a society

In the popular epic isekai anime, Overlord, Ainz Ooal Gown, the protagonist, whose real name is Suzuki Satoru, was an oppressed gamer before becoming an isekai protagonist.During the side story prologue about him and his epic gamer friends raiding the Nazarick tomb while playing the epic game YGGDRASIL, there was a line that described how only poor people play games. This reveals how, in the dystopian futuristic society that Suzuki lived in, it was a society that oppressed epic gamers and called them poor.Many of his epic gamer friends were working adults that were always overworked like his epic gamer friend in episode 1, HeroHero. They work in "sweatshop companies" that constantly have their employees work without rest, which ends up oppressing gamers.Peroroncino, another one of Suzuki's epic gamer friends, was an epic hentai connoisseur who gets oppressed by his epic gamer sister, Bukubuku Chagama. Every time he wanted to get a new epic hentai game, he would hear the voice of Bukubuku Chagama oppressing him, mocking him for not realizing her sister voice acted another epic loli.Suzuki, who was a businessman, was constantly oppressed by his customers. Throughout the light novels, it consistently brings up his experience as a businessman, as well as experiences with customers that oppressed him. He didn't have any epic real life friends or family, either, which was a result of the oppression from the society that he lived in. This society oppressed his mom so hard, she died, which was how he ended up in a state that was disconnected from the real world.Even in the new world, Suzuki gets oppressed by almost everyone just for being an undead epic gamer.BOTTOM TEXT via /r/overlord

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