AITA if I report my friend to the IRS?

Some backstory:This person is in his early 20’s and still lives at home. I’ve tried very hard to get along with him but his behaviour is truly disgusting. I don’t even think I’d call him my friend anymore.This person has never held a job longer than 2 weeks. He was hired about a year and a half ago as a cashier and was promptly fired, and then again more recently (as a cashier again) from which he never made it past orientation because he “couldn’t stand people” and thought that being a cashier was beneath him (he barely finished high school and has no job experience!!!)His parents completely paid for his post secondary education (residence, books, food, etc) but he almost never went to class (watching hentai in his dorm and posting about lolis on an nsfw blog) and lasted less than one semester before going home without an explanation.His parents also paid for him to come on a tropical vacation with all of our friends- he swore he’d pay them back and never did.He doesn’t clean or help out around the house and pays a scant amount of rent to his parents. Mostly he sits around all day and games and complains about his shitty life and about everyone around him.Luckily for him he makes about 1.5k a months selling designs on t shirts online- not original designs, art he ripped from other artists and “edited.” The problem is he has never filed income on taxes the past few years and this has really started to bother me. Maybe it’s not my place but I feel like an entitled little rat who freeloads and barely works can at least pay taxes like everyone else. AITA if I report him? via /r/AmItheAsshole

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