Alter Ego - Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars

Ok, fuck this stupid waiting bullshit. I know its no one's fault whatsoever, and I'm not trying to demonize anyone here, but this is already the third time a whole goddamned week is left without any activity whatsoever. It's actually starting to piss me off, no matter how many times you say "sorry".So guess what? Out of nowhere revival time! And would you look at that... this is the second time Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars has been revived, provided the rules allow this to happen, that is. If not, then don't even bother reading from this point forward, because this write-up would have to be retracted then.I know you must be mad as fuck and thinking "Oh come on! Why Kaito? He's been on this Rankdown for long enough already!!!!!!!"ARGUE Your deductions are fictionI, u/Xiristatos, strongly believe that Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars is a character more than worthy of the Top 10s™, and especially considering that he's my 6th favorite character in the whole series.Of course, the true challenge here would be justifying my choice without repeating what previous write-ups have already said about Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars. It goes without saying, but up until now, there have been three write-ups about him already, and with this one, plus the inevitable write-up that will occur in the final round that count will increase to fiveThat means that Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars, will be the record holder for the most DRRankdown write-ups ever. But already by now, there seems to be a lack of new things to talk about here. To briefly go over what the last three write-ups were about:u/FeistyDeity first described what his biggest problem was with Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars; namely him explicitly producing "development time!" speeches. This has of course been disagreed with by quite a few Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars fans.u/Analytical-critic-44 then decided to revive him out of the blue, opting to shower him with coconut cream pies a great many compliments regarding his character arc; examples being his flawed character and his rivalry with Kokichi Oma.u/Zanthosus then decided to end Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars for good, realizing that he's already been talked about to hell and back and decided to write a more opinionated write-up....of course, what nobody expected, was that I, u/Xiristatos, am Emperor!! still exist and can piss off the entire community with just one wall of text... again.But what could there possibly be that I, u/Xiristatos, could talk about regarding Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars? ...Well, I mean another personal take just like u/Zanthosus decided upon could work just fine, considering our reception towards him differ greatly.No, you won't be seeing any half-assed attempt at repeating Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Bars's role in the story... this has already been done to death and back. Instead, you will be slogging through a completely personal input of mine, and I know how much you just hate that! There are no options left for me by this point anyway, so why bother trying to sprinkle this write-up with "analysis" and... stuff?Alright... I think it's about time to stop blabbering about and begin trying to justify my life choices up until now.So why did I revive Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Mars and not... anyone else?Well, let's list down all other options:Mondo Owada is a character that I greatly adore and always did even back when I first joined Danganronpa. He's my current 5th favorite character, and I don't see my love for him ever dwindling down anytime soon. That being said, he did last for long enough in the rankdown, and I personally just wanted Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Cars to make it to the final round.Byakuya Togami is basically dead by this point once u/jestergirl98 decides to hit that "Submit" button, and I don't plan on reviving him either. He's another character I used to detest greatly for reasons regarding his personality, but found myself suddenly enjoying him exactly because of that personality. But still, not willing to do anything about him.Kyoko Kirigiri is in a similiar boat to Mondo, but I feel that u/OblivionKnight92 already did a fantastic job respect-cutting her, and I don't want to piss off people that much by just taking it back.Himiko Yumeno will not be revived.Nagisa Shingetsu lasted for far too long. Goodbye.Aoi Asahina and Sakura Ogami are both wonderful characters and I feel that just with their presence, Danganronpa 1 was all the better. But again... Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars.And lastly, I don't like Hajime Hinata.So why do I love Kaito Momota, Luminary of the SARS so much as to use my one Alter Ego on him? Ok... you guys ready for another one of Xiristatos' Shitty Unpopular Opinions?Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Karts is possibly the best Danganronpa Protagonist that we never got.I mean it. To me, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Shards stands as a wonderful self-depreciationary (mostly) take on the typical shonen anime whatever protagonist.And you probably might have guessed what this write-up will be about now: Why do I, u/Xiristatos, seem to dislike protagonists so much? I think this is something I just need to address before I go on about why I absolutely love Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Sharts's take on that role.When it comes to the cast in any medium ever, you can always expect me, u/Xiristatos, to go with the villains. They're the most enjoyable, lovably hateable, exciting and grandest characters to me. Within a cast of good guys, nothing gets my gentleman's sausage more going than that one evil guy who just chews the whole scenery with his very presence.Yoshikage Kira, Kid Icarus' interpretation of Hades, Senator Steven Armstrong, Dr. Eggman, King K. Rool, Dr. Neo Cortex, Bowser... those are the ones I will latch onto like fucking velcro!Just why is Korekiyo Shinguji my all-time favorite character in Danganronpa? Among other things, even though he isn't in the same role, he gives me an impact damn near identical to the villains listed above, and many more.You see, characters like these are what I am ecstatic about... so what about the protagonist? I hope none of you suddenly get the wrong picture and believe that I, u/Xiristatos, hate all main characters ever. There are, in fact, many protagonists that I greatly enjoy.Most prominent examples would be All JJBA protagonists, Asura, Sol Badguy, Reimu Hakurei, Donkey Kong, and... well, let's leave it at that for now.I consider those to be equally great characters, ones that have qualities in them that I can genuinely appreciate. Have you also noticed a slight pattern in these examples I've listed?These protagonists are taken seriously, and have more to them than the overrated "kind, but not confident" role. No, that does not mean that I want outright "villain protagonists"... after the hangover diarrhea that was "Hatred", I don't even wish for something like that ever again. It means that I prefer my protagonists to be more than just "the good guy"... I want that kindness of them to actually have a purpose, and I wish for them to have believeable and more personal goals beyond "saving the world" or... god forbid "gaining confidence".Because to be quite honest, I'm sick of the ordinary-boy-who-learns-to-gain-confidence. I don't necessarily automatically despise the character, I just won't care about them if they play out in the same goddamned formula that we've seen over eons already.And for me not to care about the main characters anymore doesn't take just repeating that same archetype step by step, merely having hints of it can piss me off already.One immediate example would be Phoenix Wright... or for that matter, almost any main protagonist in Ace Attorney. I can respect them for their ability to preserve through some of the most nerve-wracking trials they've ever faced, and they actually have overarching character changes over the games. For instance, the Apollo Justice we see by the end of Spirit of Justice is almost nothing like his debut entry. This kind of character arc is something I can look fondly upon.Would you like to know what I absolutely can not look fondly upon whatsoever? Alright, do you remember those "sweating" sprites and the like? My absolute least favorite aspect about them... and now that I think about this, this is the one aspect that means the very difference between me not minding a protagonist... and me outright despising them.Whenever a protagonist is NOT taken seriously whatsoever, and instead played for a fucking fool by everyone around him at all times, even in gloomy times where that is unwarranted.Fuck that shit. I want this trope to die faster than "fat, brown, ugly pieces of shit gangbanging hot girl in hentai".I can usually leave any media being okay with the protagonist... any media, but when you incorporate this shit excuse of a dynamic into them, I will end up feeling negatively about them. Period. Easily my biggest problem with all protagonists in the Ace Attorney franchise (among many others) is with how much they're being treated like shit around them... and not only do they not once defend themselves seriously or just strike back in general, it usually occurs at the worst of times.Does anyone remember Bridge to the Turnabout? Does anyone remember when Phoenix risked his motherfucking life to save his friend totally not girlfriend Maya Fey by crossing over a burning, unstable bridge? That one part where he fell into the river and almost fucking died? Well, why don't we just throw two prosecutors at him shorty after he's involved in the investigation and have them shit on him from all sides?! I will not lie, that one scene in the cave with Godot and Franziska von Karma deserves to fuck off and rot in hell. At the worst of times, Phoenix is the butt-monkey once more and they push him into the "awkward" route... of all the times, here?And that's not the end of things. Several such moments involve Maya Fey herself suddenly pissing all over Phoenix in a shallow attempt at "LOLHUMOR" (like the already insufferable scene with the already insufferable Moe the Clown?), and these moments always piss me off to the point of almost wanting to punch Maya in the dick.And the worst part is that the protagonists (referring to all franchises that do this fuckshit) keep reacting awkwardly... as if to say that it was ALL IN GOOD FUN!!!111!And that brings me to Danganronpa with its protagonists... good fucking Wario god. Komaru Naegi is a rather positive exception, but I'm talking about the main games here. I can't stand a single one of those.Of course, that is also not including Kaede Akamatsu, who by all accounts should have remained the protagonist if V3 aimed to make itself look any good. I'm talking about those other three.Makoto Naegi is the most reinforced "so ordinary I make other ordinary guys look unordinary" thing ever. He also gets shat on by about two thirds of the cast, and he's predictably a pussy ass bitch about it. But I still can't really hate him, to be honest, the only reasons for that being his genuinely well-crafted relationship with Kyoko Kirigiri and the fact that his "kindness and gullibility" is pushed so far that it in itself somehow becomes an actual distinctive character trait (thanks to u/FeistyDeity for bringing that up).I already shortly remarked on me not liking Hajime Hinata, so here's why: He's always touted as this "stronger" guy compared to Makoto, and how Hajime is so much more "relatable" and whatever... I see him more as Danganronpa's Phoenix Wright in a sense; I can respect his own personal conflict regarding his talent, but his interactions with a lot of the other characters make me want to throw a kitten into a fucking volcano.Somehow I end up thinking that Hajime is an even bigger coward than Makoto, and here's why: Apparently, Hajime's definition of "having more balls than Makoto" refers to his only defensive statements being relegated to his fucking inner thoughts... not once confronting someone for the shit they put him through. All of his direct responses to Nagito Komaeda involve something along the lines of "Nagito, there's definitely something wrong with you", yeah, no shit, fuckhead. Or what about the god-awful dialogue diarrhea that happens with midget shit Hiyoko Saionji. As is the case with everyone else ever, she spews some infantile rotten diaper garbage out of that anus she calls her mouth, gets away with it, and results in the victim acting like an awkward fuck... of course, Hajime is the same as ever, so that also ends up making him annoying to watch. Only the FTEs give you time to witness some more positive interactions for both parties involved, but you do have to go out of your way to get to those.And then there would be... Shuichi Saihara. He's my least favorite character ever. The end.Actually you know what? Let's elaborate on another possible, but opposite way I could despise a protagonist: If the story forces them on the viewer and outright have the story kiss their arse at all times, even if unwarranted. This is roughly what a Mary Sue would be. They're portrayed as so positive, pure, perfect and flawless by everyone involved that it becomes sickening to watch.Shuichi may not be the absolute worst example of that trope in particular, but it's outrageous just how often V3 feels like reminding you twenty thousand fucking times how "reliable" Shuichi has become. It just won't stop. It actually harks back all the way back to Chapter 1, where Kaede, the one who actually should have been given more attention, already forcibly encourages him to be "confident" and shit.It's perfectly fine to have your protagonist actually be respected and even beloved within your cast for a fucking change as opposed to the constant awkward belittling without purpose, but that too needs to be done in a believeable manner. Of course, these bad examples are actually less frequent than the "pussy ass bitch protagonist", but when they occur, it usually results in a phenomenally awful character for me.A much better example of this kind of character would be Giorno Giovanna from Vento Aureo. He has a goal in mind, to defeat the Boss of a crime organization from within, and then taking over as the new boss. At first the gang he spends his time with seem to mistrust him and just generally don't think too much of him, but slowly they become more acquainted with him and they form much closer bonds overtime. Of course, there are quite a few moments in the manga where the gang members think to themselves just how great Giorno is and all... but unlike Shuichi, it never once feels forced and plastered all over the story, and instead it's used as a genuine sign of just how much the gang has come to respect Giorno and his resolve. Bruno Bucciarati does this the most, and actually rightfully so. Giorno is probably the first person to understand Bruno's true motivation and even offers him to join him in his quest to take down the Boss.With Giorno, it actually feels like the gang has just been given an angel of sorts, the kind of person who awakened them from their inner darkness and fight alongside him. Hell, Bruno is even given a similiar treatment, which is also justified and not in-your-face. You see, having the characters gush over another one isn't a terrible idea instinctively, it all just comes down to how justified and subtle it is... which is what Shuichi simply isn't. Sure, he solves cases and the like... but that's about it. He barely does anything noteworthy otherwise except for doing the mandatory things that come with him being your protagonist.So then, with all this off-topic rambling done with, how does this all tie together with Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Arse?Simply put, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Poptarts is a subversion to almost all of these problems I have.Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Farts is an overly confident and overly idealistic individual, and his colleagues are actually annoyed by that, which actually makes sense. Sure, it may feel like it goes too far at points, and Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Tortellini does tend to respond rather embarrassingly ("Don't call me an idiot! IT REALLY HURTS MY FEELINGS!!!11!"), but it's passable......I mean, at least he wasn't whipped and insulted not too long after he barely survived a dangerous fall into a cold river!Indeed, he has a lot of encouragement speeches, and they all come in good heart, but it ends up being either just hot air, or actually genuinely heartfelt, and not once do I feel a bad taste in my mouth.Now, let's just imagine for a moment that instead of Shuichi and Kaede altogether, your protagonist would be Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Hats. How would that feel? And this is where my point above comes into play.Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Hot Pockets would honest-to-Wario work well, if you asked me, u/Xiristatos. He isn't a caricature like Makoto, he isn't a pussy like Hajime and he especially isn't as shilled and forced as Shuichi. At least in my eyes, he would be rather excellent, and most importantly, actually directly refuse to take anyone's shit. Of course he would end up responding awkwardly at times, but unlike Hajime I would never have to feel like I'm missing something.But despite all this, I believe that he works excellently as your main supportive heart. He never gives up, he never lets his colleagues give up either and he all around proves to be a more positive and refreshing addition among a mostly apathetic cast. But even then, the positivity isn't in-your-face and instead gets treated realistically. Namely, his narrow-minded idealism being more detrimental to him than anything.And let me tell you, even as a "Creator's Pet" not unlike Shuichi, Maki and Kokichi, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Butts never even closely feels like he's endlessly cocksucked by everyone and/or getting away with murder all to prove a point.Speaking of the latter point, since I simply don't want to talk about Chapter 4 in an deeper detail, I merely want to point out Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Ok Fuck This Shit's entire role in it. His idealistic worldview is now put into question as he has to face the reality of someone like Gonta Gokuhara being a murderer. Kaito simply refuses to believe in it, outright descending into denial, and it all ends up damaging his confidence.Although that being said, I seem to have a problem now with just how badly Kaito is treated, and that a bit too much in my opinion. I can appreciate the idea behind Kaito having to face his own flawed perspective... but I think it was too overdone and he was 100% portrayed wrongly... while fucking Kokichi just walked away, getting away with everything. This shithead causes a fucking murder to happen... and that is never addressed, but instead played straight as "making a point about the Killing Game BEING BAAAAAAAD!!!!!"I'm really sorry, u/Analytical-critic-44, I can definitely see how rock-hard you are for Kokichi's role in it, but I, u/Xiristatos, feel far too flaccid about it, simply because I believe it to have been going too far at points... and I, u/Xiristatos, bluntly believe Kokichi to be a goddamn Karma Houdini for it...So... in the end, this is the crux of my argument; Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Fish Sticks has all the traits that would make him your typical Shonen Anime Protagonist... that I usually would despise, but instead he's taken far more seriously within the story, and not once do I feel like it's in poor taste.His role in Chapter 5 especially is outright fantastic, with him being far more serious, and the remaining cast being able to bond with him much more. It all culminates in one of the most tragic sendoffs I've ever seen.It's not at all forced like what was done with Chicken Teriyaki Nanami, but I actually genuinely felt like I lost someone close to me. Kaito was that effective a character for me.And all these is why I, u/Xiristatos, strongly believe that Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Actual Stars is most deserving of a spot in the Top 10s.And if you don't like it, you can all form a line behind me and kiss my a-... via /r/DRrankdown

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