Am I a good player or a scumbag?

So I was playing my old bordered only cards [[Nicol Bolas]] deck at my local LGS yesterday and one of the players was dropping a turn 3 Karn. He asked me if I had any cool homebrew cards on the field or hand that would remove it, and of course I said no because the only card I had in hand was a [[negate]], and we all know only dirty net deckers use that card. He then plays it, and I, being the smart little homebrewer I am, counter it. He then gets in a fit of rage and rips my copy of negate and says it didn't resolve. After he had done this I had pointed it that it was worth 15 cents and that it he didn't pay me back for it that I would take his karn home. As I'm reaching for it, some chickweed with a body pillow pushes up his glasses and says "heh, don't you guys have phones? This trade is obviously unfair, these cards aren't worth equal value." He then proceeded to whip out his iPhone 4S+ and showed me that the negate I had was the exact copy used against daddy desolator, making it worth 4 revel in riches. After seeing this, I proceeded to do the only sane thing a gun toting Christian would do. I shot him thrice in the abdomen and took his entire collection home. Later that day the police came to my house and tried to put me in cuffs, but I kept them at bay with my platoon of hentai altered [[Storm Crows]]. Was I a scumbag in this situation? via /r/magicthecirclejerking

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