and i as well am a virgin

and i as well am a virgin and yes i watch hentai and porn however this is merely training for our bodies so that when we do fuck we enjoy it longer and more than the idiots whom of wich decided to fuck whilst their endurance was at a childs level im building up my stamina to borderline pornstar and right now if i try i can even surpass the average pornstar at the same pace however it depends on what mood my dick is in if it wants a fasty a long un or a normal one yes if this is the way yyour normal dick should behave if it doesnt then you are missing out on one of the most random yet pleasurable parts of life a fasty or aka quicky fels the best in a short period ad average is well you guess it fucking AVERAGE and so on​dont ask just accept ym fucktardedness in this comment ok...i cant help it im passionate about lust and pleasure via /r/copypasta

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