The year is 2018 and Japan has just finished there super weapon, they have been planning this since the bombings of Nagasaki, revenge against Americans and the world that forgot about them, they have created the infectious Waifu pillows, now they have to unleash it, and where else to start except America, there secret enemy, now they must find the gayest kid in America and convince him to take on the challenge of creating a glorious Anime empire.It's 11:38, pm and Alex has just finished busting a fat nut to some gay hentai, when he hears a bang at his window, he opens it to find a random Waifu pillow, he takes it and starts to fuck it, but then it relays a message, it tells him why it was and what his purpose is for. He understands and starts the apocalypse.patient zero, his brother Ryan. Alex walks into his room as his brother is doing autistic fortnite dances and smothers him with the pillow, he continues until his whole neighborhood is infected, now they start breeding WaifuPillows as weapons and start there assault. My God, it's a massacre, half of the east coast is infected in 2 weeks and they are spreading quickly. A young boy named jonch flees to Europe to escape, but not before viewing his own father get turned into a gay fag, Alex continues infecting and building his empire.He is now crowned king Alex, king of the weebs, he wonders if what he is doing is wrong, if all these lives were worth the cost, but then he nuts to some hentai and forgets about it. The UN holds an emergency meeting as all the countries meet to discuss what the hell is happening, every single country arrives to discuss the apocalypse, all except Japan, "of course" the countries thought, only Japan is gay enough to pull off this fuckery. Then they settle it, the only way to stop this onslaught is a full scale assault on Japan, the UN rallies the largest military offence the world has ever seen and heads to Japan, but Japan was ready, they shoot Waifu pillows into the attacking Helicopters and shoot dildo torpedos into attacking ships, the casualties are insurmountable, the UN is forced to retreat, King Alex claims victory and the UN is in shambles, all that remains against the Anime empire is a few UN soldiers and a resistance newly created by Jonch, there seems to be no hope.More than twenty years have passed The year is now 2041, king Alex and his weaboo army now control Asia and 75 percent of the America's, the survivors flee to Europe, the last safe haven from the Anime Apocalypse. No one thought it would be like this, the Japanese had been planning this ever since 1950s, they have a grip on the world, King Alex now seeks out survivors and infects them by smothering them in Waifu pillows it's the most catastrophic event in history.But there is hope, Commander Jonch and the resistance have been holding the weaboos on bay from Europe, but Jonch knows they will soon break through, they need a full scale assualt. He gathers his troops and marches through to the capital of the weebs, it's a bloodbath, the resistance mows down the weebs with lmgs, as the weebs keep coming with Waifu pillows, they keep on coming, the casualties are insurmountable.Finally, Jonch and the survivors Strom the capital, King Alex sends his remaining men on the resistance and runs like a bitch, Jonch keeps his men to Defend against the attack as he runs after Alex. Jonch finds him, but Alex punches him with a pillow, jonch recovers, but he knows Alex is too powerful, but then he remembers, his secret weapon. He throws a real women at Alex, stunned, Alex is confused he has never seen anything like it behind his hentai. jonch takes advantage and kills him, it's over, the remaining weebs are taken to concentration camps as the world recovers, we nuke all of Japan to end it once and for all, Jonch is hailed a hero, but deep down, he feels he could have stopped all of these deaths by just convincing Alex in 2018 to not be gay and change his phone background back to rainbow six siege not some anime girl. via /r/copypasta

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