Anne Happy's manga will end in January

The Japanese store Mangaoh announced through its website the release of the number 10 volume of the manga Anne Happy, a comedy story written and drawn by the author Cotoji. In the statement, the store marks this volume as the completion of the series and also announces that the release date of this will be on January 12, 2019.​​Cotoji began publishing this series in 2012 in Manga Time magazine Kirara Forward and with the next volume, the manga of Anne Happy will be listed with 10 compilation volumes. The mangaka also keeps the spin-off of Nourin Petit and the hentai manga of Asahi Ojou-sama open to Kashima-kun.​The work also has an animated adaptation by the studio Silver Link and was broadcast on Japanese television in April 2016. It ended with a total of 12 episodes.​Synopsis:​A group of unfortunate girls live their day to day with energy and joy in this school comedy. All students in Class 1-7 of the Tennogofune Academy seem to be under the influence of "bad karma", or directly, of bad luck. An Hanakoizumi the unlucky, Ruri Hibarigaoka the one with the tragic love stories, Botan Kumegawa and his ill health, Hibiki Hagyuu with his bad sense of orientation and Ren Ekoda with his eternal problems with women ... They are the new students of the class, and do what they can to make school life as happy as possible. via /r/animenews

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