Ants are attracted to cum and I can prove it!

I sit down at my desk and open my porn folder. I scroll through all the weak nonsense such as hentai and loli until I get to my futa furry toddler nugget porn. I start jerking it and within two minutes I was covered in my own seed.The speed at which I wanked made me incredibly tired so I laid down and went to sleep, hoping to dream of My Little Pony and their tight pussies.I suddenly wake up and am very itchy. I look down in horror to see hundreds of little ants crawling over me, eating the sweet, sweet semen. The feeling of their little feet walking all over me was enough to make me bust again. This time, however, they noticed the source of the sweet nectar. They began forming lines and burrowing themselves into my foreskin. I arched my back and moaned loudly as they nibbled the head of my penis.They began to go into my urethra and make little ant nests in the residue. I was thrashing on my bed because I wanted to nut again but I couldn't. My mom walks in to see this and she screams in horror. As soon as I turn my head to look, I busted the hottest, fattest nut I ever have. An explosion of ants rocket out of my penis and all over the floor.My mom runs out in terror and I begin to finally clean up. Just the thought of what happened sent chills down my spine. I picked the few ants that were still alive and kept them in a jar. I couldn't wait to do it again. via /r/copypasta

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