Any other straight guys that have an incredible arousal towards Mtf Trans and Crossdressers/Traps?

First off, I just want to start by saying I have absolutely no issue with transgender people, attraction to transgender people, or even crossdressers. I think trans women are absolutely amazing, inspiring, beautiful, people that have been through so much and I can certainly understand why others would be genuinely attracted to them. Also, my sexual orientation is "Straight", and likewise, I have zero issue with people who are bisexual or gay. But I am not either of those, nor do I have discomfort about being Bi or gay. I'm just a straight guy with zero hangups about being straight.Great. Now that that's out of the way...I have an immense arousal to Transexual women and Crossdressers. To the point of absurdity. To the point of surpassing my arousal to Cis women, who I absolutely adore. The reason why I use the word "arousal" instead of "attraction" is because I also find Trans women and crossdressers to be notably less attractive to me than Cis women. Often times, I'll be looking at trans porn and find it very "exciting" but then get bored and switch to Cis women, who I immediately find more comfortable and appealing to look at. This is probably because the remnant aspects of masculinity that trans women have is simply unappealing to me and that I'm being stimulated by another aspect about them.Okay, I know what you're all thinking right now. "Dick. This guy probably likes dicks.". Nope. The penis part is actually the least attractive part to me of a trans girl. In fact, it's quite uncomfortable for me. This is where a lot of my confusion is because for the men and women that are typically into trans girls you always hear the same thing:"It's a chick with a dick! Duh!".That's, like, the least arousing part of it for me. My arousal seems to start on the surface level, when the clothes are still on, and gets progressively less arousing when the clothes come off.Another oddity is that I seem to get really aroused by crossdressers, but again, on the surface level. I can even watch "Boy to Girl Makeup Transformations" on Youtube and it's almost like porn to me. Not kidding. These are typically videos where the guy gives himself a makeover and at the end looks like an incredibly attractive woman through the use of makeup, a wig, etc.What I think is going on here, and according to the science I have read, is that I'm essentially getting stressed out by the confusion this creates in my brain. There's been studies that show stress, adrenaline, cortisol, and anxiety increase dopamine response in the brain, and this is a common reason for porn escalation theory. So, I see a guy who turns into an incredibly attractive girl, and it makes me stressed out because I'm essentially being "trapped" (yes, that's why they call them that) into finding a man attractive and wanting to fuck him, which gives me anxiety. I'm not into guys, I find the thought of having sex with a guy to be very unarousing, but now I want to fuck a guy. It sort of creates this uncomfortable dichotomy in my brain, which gives it a very big high. (This happens on an instinctual level, not an aspect of shame afterwards or through in the moment introspection).So, I'm wondering, are there any other Straight guys turned on by Transexuals and Crossdressers for reasons unrelated to them having a penis, and have the same adrenaline high I do from looking at them? A sort of mental discomfort but still an immense arousal that doesn't really make sense?(Please, please, please do not tell me I'm a bisexual man in denial or something. I've even had affairs with Trans women and it has always felt off. Like a drug and less of a wholesome, good feeling. My compulsion has been fully explored and it is still deeply uncomfortable and confusing to me.).Thanks!Edit: You know, this has been really enlightening to me. I expected to get some concurring replies but now it's becoming apparent that I'm fairly unique and I think I know why.I actually have a fantasy gender transformation kink. The literature I've been reading since I was a kid basically amounts to a boy being turned into a girl. Now, I'm into genderbend hentai, which has similar themes and sometimes it includes the girl turning into a boy as well. But usually it involves a guy turning into a girl, adapting to the circumstances, and eventually being content and falling in love.I probably should have mentioned this in my post, but I figured I would get an answer either way. It's clear to me my "Fantasy-based" kink is playing a role in my attraction to transgender women. Which, to be honest, is a bit odd, because the stories I read I usually interpret from 1st person, imagining it happening to me. Not someone else.It might in fact be that I find transgender people and crossdressers erotic through a vicarious quality. Which is so bizarre and unique. It's actually been quite uncomfortable to me, to be honest, because I AM a straight guy and I do not like the private-part situation that most trans people have. I just have this fantasy thing that's meant to stay in fantasy and kinda bleeds uncomfortably into reality. Pretty frustrating, tbh. And it's been a source of awkwardness and frustration my whole life.(In fact, at one point I thought I was trans, because I've learned this type of literature is extremely popular among pre-transition trans people and sometimes remains so after. Somewhere around 82% of all trans women are into the same stuff I am. But I don't believe I am. I'm just unique, I guess.). via /r/sex

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