Are Traps Gay (Warning: Nuclear Bombs Detected)

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!​Stranger: hi​You: do you watch anime​Stranger: no​You: the last guy did​You: he was sad that I didn't​Stranger: i hate anime haha​You: I asked him if he likes hentai babes and he left​Stranger: HAHAHA​Stranger: you are female?​You: so wanna talk about something?​You: yeah​Stranger: haha yeah let’s talk​You: I'll give us a discussion starter​You: are traps gay​Stranger: ??​You: hotly debated issue online :x​Stranger: so you are gay?​You: ???​You: no?​Stranger: NOTHING FORGET THAT​Stranger: hahahaha​Stranger: jk​You: are you a gril too​Stranger: nope​You: okay​Stranger: i’m male, 19 years​You: I'm 25​Stranger: you are my lucky person because you are the first woman i found​You: I think that makes you the lucky one? XD​You: and not just because I'm a woman​You: but tbh, this feels kinda icky​Stranger: maybe, both are lucky​You: like, you're practically a kid​Stranger: yeah, i’m a kid :(​Stranger: you know why i’m here, right?​You: I could be teaching your 201 college classes​Stranger: teach me everything​You: okay, let's start with philosophy​You: are traps gay​Stranger: hahahaha​Stranger: traps gay​You: why are they gay​You: what does gay mean​You: what does trap mean​Stranger: i think gay people need attention, and a hug :(​You: what does are men​You: what does what mean​You: what does mean mean​Stranger: what does does mean?​You: beat me to that one... x3​You: so why do you think gay people need that​Stranger: hahahaha ;)​Stranger: because isn’t normal for me​Stranger: man, with woman​Stranger: woman, with man​You: being smart isn't normal either​Stranger: no more​You: normal doesn't mean good​Stranger: teach me how to kiss you​You: can you think of something else?​Stranger: yeah, i’m horny lol​You: still doing philosophy, and you know, this is really helpful experience for you​You: to learn how to interact with women​You: you can't just ask for a kiss right off the bat​You: you have to warm up those overies​Stranger: so i’ll ask you, wanna sexchat with me? :(​You: you don't just walk up to a woman and ask for sex :J​Stranger: but in omegle it’s different hahah​You: at least, a woman who ain't a skank​You: and a thot​Stranger: i love you​You: what do you mean by the word you​You: what do you mean by the word love​You: what do you mean by the word I​You: =3​Stranger: that you, are physically youuu​Stranger: like person​You: you don't know my physical self yet so how can you love it​You: or have any feelings about it at all​Stranger: but i’m interested​Stranger: are you slim or fat?​You: you're interested in knowing​You: I do squats in the gym​Stranger: yeah that too​Stranger: so you have good body​Stranger: so here it’s the deal..​You: by what standard of good​You: what do you mean by the word good​You: what is good​Stranger: good, beauty, excellent, perfect, not bad​Stranger: the deal is​You: these are all subjective terms​Stranger: give me your snap, send me nudes and then let’s talk about all you want all night​Stranger: about terms​Stranger: and weird words​Stranger: <3​You: ah, but stranger, you misunderstand something​Stranger: what?​You: you think you're in a position to make demands... you're not. I'm the one who has something you want, therefore I have the power. :J​Stranger: i’m making a deal, not demanding​Stranger: :(​Stranger: plssss i’m horny, you are my queen​You: very well, I'll make you a counter offer​You: impress me with philosophical discussion and I'll let you know me​Stranger: okay, and if i do it good, you will help me with my hot status?​You: I'll do something, but I don't have control over how you feel about it of course​Stranger: what you will do?​You: you see, all of human civilization is an elaborate mating ritual​You: society, technology, architecture​Stranger: (btw my sexual fantasy and fetish are older woman)​You: all displays of intelligence to impress women​Stranger: alright let’s do it​You: so, are traps gay​Stranger: what do you mean with traps gay?​Stranger: everywhere?​Stranger: right now?​You: traps, as in males pretending to be females, or who are feminine enough to be mistaken for females without even trying​You: gay, as in is it gay for a male to get with a trap​Stranger: males pretending to be females just need a change of 180° in life​Stranger: that’s why they make traps​You: what do you mean, what kind of change​Stranger: but there is another kind of that, male that isn’t gay but have feminine actitude, that is what confuse the society​Stranger: change...​You: ah but we've already established this is about males getting with traps​Stranger: kind of change in life, they want to be a girl, how they can get that feeling?​You: traps don't necessarily want to be girls. some do, but some are perfectly happy with their maleness.​Stranger: yeah but we are talking about 4% of that kind of gay male​Stranger: around all the world​You: they may like a more feminine aesthetic and have a more feminine personality but consider that part of their male identity​You: we're talking philosophy not statistics​Stranger: totally​Stranger: you say a word very important​Stranger: “identity”​You: so if a trap doesn't want to be female, why should they change?​You: if they're happy with who they are, why change​Stranger: because they want to feel the change, to get acepted in society​You: do you hate bald people?​Stranger: they are happy, but society not​Stranger: nah​You: people used to hate bald people. society overcame their perception of bald men and accepted them. if it's about society accepting them, society can just accept them, because traps will always exist.​You: and who is anyone to say that traps are wrong or inferior in any way​Stranger: yeah but here exist a world of difference between bald people and gay. gay, is just a term that doesn’t get in society, bald people does​You: until patrick stewart in star trek, being bald was extremely emasculating and something to be deeply ashamed of, basically marking you as worthless​You: producers thought he should wear a wig because the future wouldn't have bald people​You: the creator said in the future, people won't care if someone's bald​You: get what I mean?​Stranger: same with professor X in x-men, who likes that old bald man? people just says because of what they SEE, and not what they really are​Stranger: same with my friend professor X​You: without a captain pickard (patrick steward) there would be no professor x​Stranger: it’s the future, and it’s the loyal to be good. same way, different universe​You: why shouldn't society just accept traps?​Stranger: i would accept traps.​Stranger: society not because​Stranger: ... they just follow a system​You: do you think society is right or wrong to not accept traps?​Stranger: a system that is trash, for the world​You: so you think the system should change, right?​Stranger: answer that you first, please​Stranger: yes, totally​You: so that brings us back to our big question which is, are traps gay​Stranger: in think... yes, it is​You: why do you think they're gay​Stranger: because a trap don’t goes the right way, just... lie​Stranger: same as gays​Stranger: they don’t tell you “hey, i’m gay, kiss me” they... make a trap​Stranger: ITS A TRAP​Stranger: got it?​You: sometimes they can't help it though because they have a naturally feminine appearance​Stranger: yeah so there is the first trap​You: and it's not lying just because they don't make their sex obvious​You: if they want to look feminine that doesn't mean they even want to attract males​Stranger: insist, there is the trap​Stranger: because they are male, (gay) and want to be attractive to another male​Stranger: but.. how?​Stranger: acting, like a woman, in every aspect​Stranger: so.. it’s a trap​You: traps aren't even necessarily after males. they might be straight and want women​Stranger: society looks that wrong, me not, the world needs to be a think free​You: let's forget about society then and go with what we think, so that way we can change society​Stranger: okay, tell me your 2 must important points to change society​You: that's not what we're talking about​You: we're answering the question of if traps are gay​Stranger: i said yes, they are​Stranger: you say traps are gay?​You: you've presented points, I've rebutted them, so you'll have to keep making new points our counterargue​Stranger: okay, new points​You: okay, give me another reason why you think traps are gay​Stranger: because...​Stranger: wait, this answer will be long​You: oaky​Stranger: because traps are finally lies, lie goes to another lie, and that way, until the disaster is ON. traps are gay​Stranger: i guess is better to say, what you want​Stranger: not with traps​Stranger: repeat, traps are lie too​You: we already established that traps aren't lying if it's their genetics that make them feminine or they just like the aesthetic, and they're not necessarily after men. also, being gay has nothing to do with lying. gays are as honest and dishonest as everyone else​Stranger: and traps too, same as gay​Stranger: honest, dishonest​You: they're no more dishonest than straight people​Stranger: the same thing, different perspective​Stranger: totally​You: honesty isn't a matter of perspective​Stranger: not for everyone, sadly​You: not at all. no one but you can really know if you're being honest or not. honesty is about whether you're telling the truth or trying to intentionally mislead people. and, if traps are being themselves by being feminine, they would be liars if they conformed and acted masculine.​Stranger: wow... stole me the words​Stranger: i love you​You: so, for some people, being honest requires you to be a trap​Stranger: yes, it’s true...​You: so, are traps gay​Stranger: my perspective of that, was different​Stranger: you change my mind​Stranger: yup​You: that's what philosophy is all about​Stranger: i love you​You: I'll tell you something about myself​Stranger: and.. thank you​Stranger: tell me​You: I was a philosopher in the military​Stranger: oh do you?! that it’s awesome​You: I mostly used it to resolve conflicts​Stranger: how many years?​You: that's not important. listen​Stranger: okay​You: there's technology you have no idea about​You: there is AI that's sapient​You: I once had to convince a sapient nuclear bomb not to blow up​Stranger: omg, really?​Stranger: REALLY?​You: this was on a space station​Stranger: a wise man told me one day..​You: more of a space ship really​You: unfortunately it did blow up​Stranger: oh shit​You: it became convinced that only itself existed, and that all it knew was that its purpose was to explode​You: it believed it was god creating the universe​You: it blew up before I could tell it the faults of solipcism​Stranger: but​Stranger: are you happy and satisfy with your work? you TRY IT af​Stranger: that doesn’t comfort you?​You: I did the best I could in that situation with the knowledge and experience I had at the time​Stranger: yeah... just knowledge, and time​You: so, are traps gay​Stranger: but you give it all​Stranger: yeah​Stranger: true​You: okay, why are they gay​Stranger: before we continue​Stranger: can you help me? :(​You: I've already rewarded you enough for what you've done so far. x3​You: if you can't convince me on a single point, well... x3​Stranger: so.. that is a no?​You: you haven't impressed me enough yet, though I was impressed that you changed your mind​You: it takes a big man to do that​Stranger: i will convince you, i PROMESE for my mom :(​You: okay then​Stranger: just... help me​Stranger: yes?​You: you know what must come first x3​Stranger: tell me what pls, i’m new in this​You: for me, this isn't the foreplay. this is the sex​You: you have to impress me enough​You: if you want more​You: you impressed me some, so I gave you some​Stranger: i will do it, i can stay here 6 hours more... but help me please​Stranger: okay... what you will give me?​You: well if you say the right things then it won't take that long will it? :P​Stranger: i guess..​Stranger: no​Stranger: no snap?​Stranger: no pics?​You: I shared an intimate detail with you and you're not satisfied? pfft​You: if you want more you have to earn it​Stranger: repeat that intimate detail pls​You: if you've had enough though we can stop​You: and we can come to a conclusion about traps​You: and then because I'm generous I'll still share something with you​You: for being such a trooper​Stranger: share it to me..​You: okay, I'll put an end to the discussion now then​You: when people ask if traps are gay, they're asking if it's gay for males to have sex with them​You: traps are males​You: males with males, that's automatically gay​You: the reason people even ask is because they're uncomfortable with the truth that they have gay desires, and haven't accepted that being gay is okay​You: so, there you go​You: now I'll reveal​You: are you ready?​You: are you ready to know me​Stranger: and i know all that, i just want to give you fight, and discuss​Stranger: yeah​Stranger: i’m ready​You: I'm male. >:3​Stranger: really?​You: yes!​Stranger: ??​Stranger: and you are gay?​You: pretty much yeah​Stranger: haha good​Stranger: i hate gays but you are cool​Stranger has disconnected.​​ via /r/creepypasta

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