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I enjoy many games from FPS to strategy type games but my favourite of all are ARPG games which I got brought up playing starting this addiction with Diablo 1 (even thought I vaguely remember this because I was so young). But last night as I was talking to a mate about Diablo Immortal I thought to myself why don’t u stop bitching about the fucking shitstorm that blizzard is and create your own fucking ARPG game that listens to what the community wants and that is free to play and after dwelling on this for around 4 and a half hours now I decided I would reach out to my good fucking friend Reddit to get some insight into what I am thinking and to see if anyone out there would be down to actually help some stupid guy trying to create a dream that he wants to pursue. So here it is some ideas on what I want to try to do, any thoughts and opinions that you guys might have would be great to hear so just leave in the comments and I will try to answer them (if there is any).Ok so first off, I know that an ARPG is going to be one hell of a task to complete and I fully understand that but wtf have I got to lose apart from time. I really haven’t chosen a genre for this game yet, but I want to be some kind of fantasy type game like (Skyrim and POE and shit) unless the majority wants something different which I am completely down to try out and see if it could work. So yea these are a few things that I do know that I am going to need thought to actually create this wild fucking dream I have (and no you don’t have to pay a cent for any of this I want this game to be a completely free game that isn’t pay to win or pay to advance as fuck that shit we all hate it and so do I so none of that shit is being implemented into this game).What kind of programs should I use to create the game in (things like unity and shit I don’t real know the words for it haven’t done this shit for a while)Where would I be able to get some free art done for the game (cause my artworks are mainly NSFW shit so yea that isn’t going to work unless u want some hentai type ARPG :P)If anyone would be down to help create the story line for this game (I got some ideas for it but I really think I need some help to actually flesh it out and make it into a decent story line for an ARPG)If you guys would actually want this game to be a MMO game like (Path of Exiles) or a single player game like (Grim Dawn)What kind of game mechanics do you want in the gamea. I got some ideas on what mechanics I want to focus on while creating this game which are:b. A mechanic like mapping in POE where once you have finished the game you still have a lot of content that you can play afterwards allowing for more content to be added without disrupting much of the base game. I want to add this to the game but don’t know how I could incorporate it into the game without fully ripping off GGG ideasc. Another mechanic I think would be cool would be to add in a feature that when creating a character, the choices on what your character looks like can affect certain stats on your character. E.g. like if you make your skin a bright pink this could add a unique stat that makes humans scared shitless of you and run away on contact or something like thatd. The ability to rerun certain points in the game to grind for certain items (pretty much a given to add)e. A mechanic that is also heavily influenced by POE (I play a fucking ton of POE) would be like the use of skill gems and having something like that and being able to mix and match certain ones to allow for certain affects on the way you playThese are just to name a few and give a few ideas on what I kind of want to implement into the game and how I imagine it to be likeSome help with setting up an MMO game as I have never tried anything like that before if that is what you guys want. An addition to the help with setting up an MMO game I would like to know if MMO servers would be expensive to fund (as I currently only work part-time) and I want to make this free to play as well so if I have to fork out a ton of money I would have to figure out some way to get money to pay for these servers some way or another so help or insight with that would be great.People who would be down to test out the game for me and test the game the thing Is I would need numerous people to do different types of testing such asa. People who actually just try to break the game as much as possible this would also mean that you would need to give me exact details about how you actually broke the game, so I could try my best to fix itb. People to play the game as just a casual playerc. People who would be readily available to be able to test out mechanics that I am working on (this could be at a moment’s notice so yea)I really don’t know much about testing games so this is all I came up with at the moment please message me if u have any other details on this would be appreciatedFinally, if you guys do want me to create this game would u like a subreddit or even like a website/blog to keep you guys up to date with progress as I am down to do that (I myself like it when the developers do stuff like that)These are just a few things I could think of up on the spot I might add more to the list later. But the thing is though I need some feedback first from you guys before fully devoting my time into to creating this game. If you would like to see me try my best and create a game that is based on what the community wants then I will try my best but that is all I can do right now so if you do please leave a comment down below or email me at : '' and if u guys don’t want this well thanks for giving enough fucks to actually read this long ass essay I have written up for a game that I don’t even know if I am going to make. via /r/gamedev

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