Being a "old" Otaku + feels.

Soo, i have a weird relationship with Otaku culture, i've been a fan of anime, manga and japanese culture since i was ten... i guess... and now i'm 27.I've been finding it hard to actually connect with a good portion of what has been released every season, it's just meant to a younger audience. And i think this is perfectly ok, i'm just not the target's just a bit sad because i often feel excluded from the community that i was once a part of.I mean... i'm soo done with highschool drama which is why Relife was soo interesting for me... and Ecchi... it's just not funny for me, i used to like it but these days when the story is overwhelmed by the ecchi i just think. "Man, i could just watch hentai and have a much better version of this." Some tropes and genres are just too overdone or distant from my reality to relate.And it's just hard to find people around my age interested in our stuff, most people just didn't get to enjoy it when they were kids because very few animes were available at my home country. And those who did enjoy it, just lost interest over time.I'm just having some feels after watching "Relife", it has been bugging me that this is a hobby that i just don't have anybody to share anymore irl.What are some of your thoughts and experiences at liking anime/manga in your adulthood? where do you get to know people who like the same things you do? via /r/anime

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