Boyfriend Hiding Inappropriate Content on His Computer

Edit: sexualized gore is what I mean by inappropriate contentTl;dr: boyfriend was acting weird, I checked his computer only to find really inappropriate stuff. What do I do?I (f19) kind of have issues with worrying too much about my boyfriend (m18). He never really talked much about his personal life but apparently something happened and he took a semester off from school because of it. He has been kind of reserved and low energy, but is still able to at least act excited when we go to fun events.Anyways I got more worried and for some reason decided it was a good idea to see what he has been up to on his computer because he spends so much time on it. I was guessing it was playing some sort of computer game or something. Looking through his search history out of curiosity, it was like 25% sexually explicit stuff. Additionally He has 3 WHOLE separate folders of pornography as shortcuts on his home screen.I honestly wouldn’t have been that upset but the first folder was filled with really inappropriate hentai. Like I mean REALLY nsfw stuff.I confronted him about it and he apologized and admitted that he fantasizes about [specific example of inappropriate content]. I kind of just said I had other stuff I needed to do and left because it was so uncomfortable.Am I overreacting? I don’t like want to break to break up with him over this. Is it unreasonable to ask him not to look at that kind of content? How do I even bring this up again? What do I do? via /r/relationships

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