Challenge: pitch your anime ideas for unused genre combinations

It's time to break new ground people.There are some genre combos that simply do not exist in the medium. I want to challenge r/anime to come up the first anime of its kind. Obviously there are more than this, but here are 10 examples of pairs of genres that do not come up with any search results on MAL:- samurai and space- ecchi and shoujo- josei and mecha- harem and horror- police and shoujo-ai- demons and shounen-ai- sports and thriller- music and martial arts (there are two music videos but I decided it should still be included)- game and vampire- cars and magicAlright, let's see what you can come up with.Edit: I replaced yuri and yaoi pairs with shoujo-ai and shounen-ai. I didn't realize yuri/yaoi were basically all hentai. via /r/anime

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