ClassicRU Hard is a fun, balanced modded server.

Just thought I'd post this. It's not like the other terrible modded servers out there that give the infected ridiculous buffs such as Hentai Rape.​I was pleasantly surprised how fun these servers actually are. It doesn't change anything about the infected, but it keeps the T1 guns only and on top of that, spawns quite a lot of objects in the level, making it very difficult to face a tank. It's designed to punish survivors staying still in big open areas, and I like that. They also have several witches spawning in each map that can instantly kill the survivors, although they are also cr0wnable, found it a lot of fun crowning a bunch of witches in one map. I think it also increases the spawn rate of hordes, but I'm not too sure about it. Seems to really give the survivors a challenge compared to vanilla & plain T1 servers. via /r/l4d2

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