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What is up, my fellow shitposters? I am bored, and decided to do a couple of much lighter rom edits than the one I'm currently doing on occasion, which is a purposefully cringy NSFW text overhaul of FE7. But this one is simpler.Together, we will decide on what to rename almost every character to, and then I'll make a patch with those names using the search and replace option of FEditor. Hopefully y'all are creative enough to choose names that will create new meme potential. Idk. Maybe y'all hate this idea. If you do, fuck off, elitist. We'll start with FE7 in this post, and if it goes well we can do FE8 and FE6 as well.Put name ideas in the comments. I will update this post as new name ideas are commented. I'll release the patch for the mod in a separate post, probably tomorrow.I didn't originally realize how many people there were, so give as many ideas as you want to.Another edit: few people are participating, so I'll just meme any names that nobody suggests anything for.Edit again: bolded unit names that don't have suggestions yet because they're more important in my opinionLyn/Lyndis: THIGH MOMMY GFSain: casual slayerKent: Kent State Golden FlashesFlorina:Wil:Dorcas: poisoned muttonSerra: Erk's Darling <3Erk: Serra's Darling <3Rath:Matthew:Nils: twinkLucius: trapWallace: Knights CrestEliwood: epic gamerMarcus: ReinhardtLowen: hentai protagonist / HansRebecca: Not TakumiBartre:Hector: ChadOswin:Guy: DudeMerlinus:Priscilla:Raven: gayCanas:Dart:Fiora:Legault: Tropical StormNinian: Nini MinajIsadora:Heath:Hawkeye: Yuka TsujiyokoGeitz:Pent: Stole my WaifuLouise: My WaifuKarel: SasukeHarken:Nino: mage nowiJaffar:Vaida: Thigh Mommy GF?Renault:Athos: KagaFarina: Blue AnnaKarla: Asian Ayra-NPCs Below-Eleanora:Fargus:Leila:Elbert:Uther:Zephiel: scalieBramimond: dead insideHellene:Murdock: fat poopy faceDesmond:Guinevere: Smol Headpat ProteccRoland:Durban: PutinSonia: libtardLimstella:Ephidel: twirls moustacheNergal: MaedaDarin: DalshienErik: MausLloyd: ben shapiroLinus: Jordan PetersonUrsula:Brendan: MPID_THE_BIGDADDYLundgren: Lyn's Real Grandfather via /r/shitpostemblem

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