God dammit, where do I begin...​It was the summer of 2004 where I went to a friend's house and we watched an anime he had on DVD called Tenchi Muyo. The girls were hot and it made me feel horny for the first time! When we pretended to be our favorite superheroes outside we included the Tenchi Muyo girls and got powered up by sucking their titty milk! He got Ayeka and I got Ryoko!​When I got home I couldn't help myself.... my dick felt hard so I secretly got on anime porn sites and found the same girls! Looking at Ryoko porn made me hump my bed. Kept humping it so much until white, sticky stuff came out.​CURSE THIS ANIME! Tenchi Muyo has tainted me! Tainted my fragile little mind and made me addicted to hentai! This show corrupts... why would Toonami put this on the air? To make other boys like me suffer? We can't let a new generation of anime fans watch this ohmygod1 More will jack off. More will be shut-ins, and more will grow into pedos because of Sasami.​Sailor Moon also corrupted me. I wanted to fuck Sailor Jupiter and Venus! via /r/animenews

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