Did anyone here like the show from like, the first few episodes, and beyond?

Literally every time I hear stories about how fans of Hunter X Hunter became fans, it involves them FORCING themselves to watch boring episodes until it gets good.Is there anyone here who liked the show from the start? Btw, don't, spoil anything, I haven't even watched this show, or read the manga, at all.Also, unrelated, but I find it funny how the "related subreddits" section of this, links to Bleach and Fairy Tail. An allegedly top tier anime's subreddit, links to the subreddits of 2 super shitty anime. And, really? Freaking really? The HXH HENTAI subreddit is the first sub that section links to? via /r/HunterXHunter https://ift.tt/2PNnE5x

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