Did you feel it too...?

Its a odd feeling. I dont know its bad or good but last night i relapse for no good reason. i know there is nothing good about relapsing but i that time i watch porn, 3d hentai, and some stuff that you are addicted that i read on yourbrainonporn. For some reason im not enjoying it even the animation and the way they do that is very arousal. Im whacking my dick while watching that but there is no good sensation just like before i started NoFap. There is a part of my mind saying that watching porn doesn't make you winner,loser. Im about to stop because watching it feels so boring and i think there is more important thing than faapping. I feel like fighting against my conscience. My body and my mind wants me to stop. hehe but for some reason i still did it because i said to myself it help me sleep because i drink coffee before and i think thats also the reason why i fell watching. Me alone in my room at night with wifi hehe...P.S. after that night i think i know what i want to be. I want to be a Director(sorry for bad english hope someone can understand) via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2P7V9dD

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