Do Mind, Its A Stick

A Budget Stick to be exact: A weird and funny story. My PC specs are at the bottomI have a fan speed controller to manually change the fan, yes, fan, singular, because the extra fan i got form my local electronics store was so the plastic package had yellowed severely and it was loud AF. to try and fix that, I found and downloaded Alfredo Comparetti's "SpeedFan". (Go to picture #1) It has temps, fan RPM, voltage readings and more. BUT, it was reading 5 tachometers, aka the RPM dial, even though there are only 4 on the MB, it was able to change 4 fan speeds, and the only fan that responded was the new old one. But, after trying for days to get the auto fan speed to work correctly, I- owo whats this? Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, SMART. i can check my HDD's and... wut. HD0 250GB, the boot drive, has 2 ⛔, if u cant see that emoji Go to Picture #2, symbols? there's a fitness and performance bar with fitness empty, uh oh, and performance at 97.5% full. There's a short test button *click* Status: testing... This is taking a while, I'll refresh it. *refresh* Status: read error wUt *starts worrying* There's a, "Preform an in-depth online analysis of this hard disk", button. *click, Internet Explorer launches* Wut, oh wait this thing was created in 2000! (Go to picture #3) Uuuuuh um uuuuh wut... o-ok, o-oh ok wut, 2 blocking issues, uh oh oh oh oh.... *big think, screams internally* OH SHIT! I need to move everything! bla bla bla About 2 weeks later of stress I got everything copied and now my old failing HDD sits in my PC as an identical copy of the 500GB HDD, i might wipe it and store porn and hentai on it till it dies, 9 years is a long time, well past its expected life time but it probably sat in a warehouse for the majority of it.CPU: Intel Xeon 5530E @ 2.4 Ghz, Boost Avg: 2.53Ghz, Max Boost: 2.66GhzMotherboard: Intel 1P 64Y7517RAM: 19GB DDR3 1024 - 466mhzGPU: GeForce GT710 w/ 2GB DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 5450 w/ 512MB DDR3 w/ only a heat sinkCase: 2009 Stock Lenovo ThinkStation S20Storage: 250GB HDD SATA Hitachi, 500GB & 1TB HDD SATA WSDPSU: StockDisplay(s): 2 Samsung SyncMaster'sCooling: The 2 Stock fans +1 old and loud oneKeyboard: Generic DELL sleek quiet USB keyboardMouse: AULA GhostShark max: 4800dpi @ 1000Hz via /r/pcmasterrace

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