ex-Japanese girl proves that Japan is the best place to be!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geMRYRC592I&list=LL0LfLc8SgtbPAFEOOY7YgLwhttps://i.redd.it/pv5f7waoa0z11.pngHello my fellows! I found a crazy video of a Japanese girl who lives in canada and has some crazy opinions about Japan I just want to see your opinion about it because I'm delighted and angry with her opinions. Forgive my self taught english I'm not a native.Five reasons why she wanted to get out of Japan:She does not like the fact that Japanese people recognize non-Japanese people and treat these people as non-Japanese people.Really?! How is it possible? We can't treat foreigners as foreigners! She talks as if Japanese people are badly educated towards foreigners we know it is the inverse obviously you can't expect to be a member of a Japanese family as a foreigner, sorry, that is their country.She does not like the collectivism of Japan.She thinks that it is kind of crazy that people in Japan does not vandalize public things, she thinks that it is hard for her to follow basic rules of decency and thinks that it undermines creativity despite the fact that Japan is the third economy of the world and the most prized "exotic" culture around the world.Hello Europe, she thinks that it is crazy to be a conservative in wanting to preserve their own culture, she said that Japanese culture is not open to feminism and LGBT. Do we need more evidences that Japan is kind of a paradise?? They are not like Europeans that seems to hate their own culture you know what I mean?? (apart from this girl)She hates that Japanese people do not accept individualityShe thinks that elder people should think that she is smart because she has colorful hair, piercings and tattoos, she wants to be treated in a serious way because of it. She wants diversity of beauty in Japan despite the fact that 99% of the Japanese learners are weeaboos who want to get a Japanese girlfriend.She does not like the Hierarchy system.She is really amazed that hierarchy is something normal in Japan, as if it wasn't a basic principle of society, she does not believe that you can't fight back, discuss with your boss or teacher in Japan and asserts that she has "Hopes" that it is changing and society is becoming better in Japan, in an "anarchist" way I think.She thinks that it is absurd that she can't make her skirt shorter, kind of a hentai school, freely and the worst is that she did it and the teachers scold her and she thinks that it is not acceptable."Why why because I wanted it you know"Kind of a cringe feminist, she thinks that her will is beyond society itself, unbelievable. She thinks that the norms of Hierarchy are not logical or practical, as if it was logical to be a bitc*Culture of InterferenceShe thinks that it is absurd that people help each other and share the things and when people point it out when someone isn't in shape, that is, they care about the health of others and it is absurd!Not artistically creatively encouragingLet's forget all the anime industry of Japan, lets forget about J-pop the geisha fashion the art in general the complexity of the language no one cares the fact is that Japanese people aren't creative and no one is buying their culture or am I wrong?? As she says people in Japan think that you are insane when you are a creative person as if we never saw a crazy concept coming from Japan, Japan is such a standardized place isn't it? Please... where does this girl used to live ? In Senkaku islands?You know what? I'm done with this girl! Such a crazy feminist such an anarchist that it is unbelievable and coming from Japan it is really nonsense.Ok, thit is my opinion I want to see your opinion now and again sorry for my possible mistakes in english and for my ironies and rage!​ via /r/japanese https://ift.tt/2FrX3Gv

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