Fanservice or no fanservice? a.k.a. Stuff safe to watch while at the gym

Greetings r/anime!For a few months now, I've been going to the gym and multi-tasking walking on the treadmill with catching up on my Crunchyroll queue (which has shrunk considerably since Funimation yanked their stuff). I'm currently watching Planet With, but I'll soon finish it and not sure what else I could watch that would be considered "safe", i.e. without or with very little fanservice. I have not watched any of the following series and looking for a bit of a scouting report on them to know what I might be getting into, watching the show in a public space.If you've seen any of these series, could you please rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means "no fanservice at all, family-friendly" and 10 means "Yikes! It's practically a hentai!" Thanks!SSSS.GRIDMAN (I've seen an article on ANN that suggests this one has a lot of fanservice, looking for more info)SCHOOL-LIVE!Tsuredure ChildrenYour Lie in AprilWhite AlbumWhite Album 2Goblin Slayer (aware that there are content warnings, concerned more about nudity than violence)Conception (see note below on this one)Yuki Yuna is a HeroKonosubaChaos;ChildOccultic;NineAsobi AsobaseThe Pet Girl of SakurasouThanks!regarding Conception... Watched School Days recently (not at the gym) and found that while sex was a very central part to the plot, the amount of fanservice was far less than I was expecting. I am wondering if Conception is more School Days than something like Yosuga No Sora.... via /r/anime

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