FE7 Community Patch Released!!!!!

I originally made this post from u/RojinShiro, my main account, but for some reason the post would only show up if you went to my profile, despite the fact that I was posting to this subreddit. So instead I'm posting it from my hentai game alt account. (That's not a joke don't go to my profile's history if unprepared.)For those of you who weren't online yesterday for some reason, you should know that I made this post, basically starting a community FE7 mod. Well, after a single day, it's already finished! You can find a folder with two patches and a readme file here. Linking to roms is illegal, so I'm not doing that. Basically use NINJA 2.0 to apply the .rup patch to a clean FE7 rom, OR use Lunar IPS to apply the .ips patch to a clean FE7 rom. NINJA 2.0 is linked to from the readme, Lunar IPS can be found with a quick Google search. Due to Lunar IPS's space limitations, the .rup should be complete while the .ips probably isn't. Idk. I haven't tested either. Check the readme, comment below, or PM me if you have any questions about the rom, or want your username removed from the readme, if I included you.Feel free to create memes from the resulting text, or just laugh at it. Do whatever you want, I'm not your boss. via /r/shitpostemblem https://ift.tt/2Dxb0Af

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