Finished reading Fate/UBW/Heave'sMeme and Zero

It was no joke the 120 hours needed to read through this. 10 more or so hours due to leaving the thing opened.​I don't really have anyone else that's interested to listen to my opinion on the matter, so i guess ill shout my opinion into the soulless darkness that is the internet. (Also, No one thought i was insane enough to read through the entirety of the the 3 routes in a week and a half's time)My god what a trip. I finally understand why this universe is so loved. It was damn worth sinking 5 days worth of my time into this. Originally i only wanted to watch Fate Zero, but finding a proper opinion on how to get into this series is... convoluted... So i took the same decision I did when i watched through the Monogatari series and just did the release order. THE ORIGINAL EXPERIENCE, all hentai included, not 1 bit missed. BOIIDon't even know where to start honestly. So I guess i'll just rank by which i liked the most. that would be Fate >= UBW >>>> Heaven's Feel.​I liked Fate the most because it was the introduction to the world. To me at least it seemed like the most thought out to establish the rock solid foundations of the entire universe. There's only a single ass-pull that i'll never get over but the problem is pretty hard to deal with TBH (Shirou vs Gilgamesh, holy fuck was that hard to swallow .) since the way this character was built up to be needed to be as epic as possible. The only reason I place this on top of UBW is because of the extremely emotional ending. It made me shed a tear and I value this over whatever flaws this route may have, which to me would only be the GARGANTUAN ASSPULL that was Shirou vs Gilgamesh . I swear if it wasn't for this, I'd place this on top of everything else no questions asked. There are other flaws but these are minor and acceptable to some degree. (One could be the Berserker scene, final one. this was another pseudo asspull but much more ignorable and acceptable than "hur i project EA, Heyaaaaaaw").​UBW was great, between all the routes this is the one that had the most consistency in powers, writing, buildup.I'll be honest here, I watched the UBW ufotable series in netflix a long time ago, so I guess it wasn't as impactful as Fate or HF, but nasu's writing is SO consistent through this route that if you pay enough attention to everything that's given, you can predict how things are going to unfold. THIS IS GREAT STORY WRITING. I get rewarded with the verification of my own hypothesis. Neat. Why do i put it below Fate? Eh... This is why the >= sign is there, UBW is better in writing, but fate is just more emotional, and MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE is emotional. I won't deny the obvious but I'm gonna pull a shirou on this one and just slam my balls on the table and stick with it.​Heaven's Feel......... Oh boy.. this route... I can make an entire post as to why I hated this damned route so much but I'm going to keep it short, mainly because i believe there to be a preference to this route over the others. (for god only knows why that reason is.)I hate Sakura and after finishing the route and can easily maintain my stance on her. Ever since the first route, i always found Sakura to be the shadiest of characters (GOOD WRITING AGAIN). I simply could not accept her character, not even for what she stood. This probably goes into something personal for me, since this absolute loathing of a character is not normal, I even tried to reason myself but to no avail. My main problem with this is Shirou, At first i absolutely hated Shirou, i didn't understand him and it was near impossible to from fate alone. UBW made me see the other side of the same character and i simply ended up loving him afterwards. BUT THIS ROUTE... god, it made me hate shirou again and i don't like that. Don't get me wrong Shirou is this route is fine, actually, it contributes to the understanding of his character, as it shows the bad sides of him (and i'm not talking about hur woman kitchen dur DICK ROCKHARD) like how originally broken he is to make him go so above and beyond anything that he naturally shouldn't. It's just the theme... god idk I need a sole post for this otherwise I'll simply be spouting nonsense and ranting without justifying any point.To wrap the HF thing I simply have 1 more point to make, and it's that both ending are hot garbage. It had the potential to have a great ending that would change my entire opinion on the matter but no, it didn't. I already hated HF and both endings simply made me hate it even more. The true end was an asspull on a higher level than Shirou vs Gilgamesh , and normal end was so infuriating that I simply... can't, and even then I'd put normalEnd over trueEnd any day of week from here to the end of time.BUT HEAVEN'S FEEL IS NECESSARY. As much as i hated and dreaded this route, it's undeniably needed to make sense of everything else and I'm glad i read through the whole thing. It has its moments (Like everything else when Sakura is not involved) and some of the interactions in this route are wholesome/priceless. It's just the main story line that made it so dreadful, for me at least.​And this is about it. My 2 cents into the whole routes of Night/stay. Absolutely loved 2/3s of it. Zero was so incredible because of this. Totally worth it. I'd like to hear to other people's opinion on these. via /r/fatestaynight

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