For flat earthers out there

Honestly how fucking retarded do you have to be to believe in flat earth? I mean when you buy a globe, the globe is round right? Basically, the earth is a big globe, but no, you're too retarded to even believe that. So here it is, I'll explain it to the illiterate people you are, THE EARTH IS FUCKING ROUND. you don't believe me? Go to the fucking moon and prove me wrong, if I have it wrong you can rape me to death, now happy? No? You can't be pleased with that? Jesus, you must be retarded as fuck aren't ya? This is the same level of antivax shit, you're all retarded. I honestly hope you don't produce any offspring, I feel sad for those children that they have to carry YOUR retarded chromosomes. Jesus man, just because you believe the government isn't always telling the truth doesn't mean you have to deny everything you say. The next time you'll say the earth is pear shaped and has a fucking nipple on top that's being sucked by God himself. Use some basic knowledge retarded fuck, the earth a globe, if you deny that you should be deported to North Korea, that means no hentai for you. You fucking retard I hope you get raped to death by Bill Cosby or something. You deserve the most painful death that can be thought of. Jesus fucking christ I hope you rot in hell, where everything is shaped like a globe, even earth, is it that hard to accept the truth. Fucking gay furries. Gay lolicon addicted. Gay gays. You deserve a special spot in hell. Goodbye retards via /r/copypasta

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