Found child pornography on my sisters laptop

Background info, when this happened I was 17, sis was in her early 20's.A couple of years ago I was snooping around my sisters laptop when she was at school. (yeah not cool I know, I was dumb)The laptop is a mac, it was password protected, I researched some ways on how to by-pass the password. (Super not cool, and illegal)I found a folder on the mac full of underage anime/hentai type child porn. Ever since that day i've never considered that to be actual child pornography because it looked like straight up hentai. They were obviously underage kids, most of them were toddlers. I am not going to go into specific details about these pictures, i'll probably get banned, but i'm sure you guys get the picture. There was also underage literotica type material that I couldn't even finish reading the first few sentences.Fast forward to today.Ever since that day I haven't been able to look my sister in the eye. Sometimes when I see her around children in real life she stares at them. I know none of this is solid evidence of her doing anything. I have never told anyone this before in my life, this is the first time ever on Reddit. I'm not sure where else to post this, it was either here or r/confession, and this seemed like the right place for good feedback.Our relationship is non-existent, I have not spoken to her since. Is anything she doing illegal or am I just an asshole for snooping around her porn folder?​Edit: location, Canada, Ontario.​​​ via /r/legaladvice

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