He Likes Them Chubby Ladies.

There is this guy I've known since freshman year of high school. Let's just call him Dar. He's black, and no, I'm not saying this to be racist. It's important to know later on. By known, I mean that I've known of his existence and occasionally acknowledged him. We were never up to 'friend' status. We had a couple mutual friends but never really talked to each other much. I always thought he was weird back then. Always willing to throw his jacket down for a "lady" to walk on it if there was anything wet on the ground or floor. He legit always had a bag of chips with him and kept a liter of soda in his locker at all times, despite school rules. One thing that always bothered me about Dar was the fact that he wore the same clothes every day and smelled incredibly bad. He claimed that he showered, but I never believed it. The odor was just too bad.​Anyway, several years later, he and I work at the same store. He still wears the same clothes almost every day and smells awful. At breaks, he is always watching stuff on his phone. Out of curiosity, I decided to ask what he was watching. He hesitated then turned his phone to show me. He was straight up watching a video of 3D anime women walking around in super skimpy clothes as the camera angle just circled around them. Just this walking animation of skimpy women with large bouncy breasts. I didn't want to offend him, so I was just like "oh cool." Then, I went back to minding my own business on my own phone.​Every day after that, he started sitting at the same table as me in the break room. I couldn't stand to be near him because of his awful smell. Like, it's so bad that my eyes would start tearing up, and it took every ounce of willpower to not gag. Anyway, he kept sitting with me and not saying a word. After about a week, he finally started talking. All he wanted to talk about was anime, which didn't really bother me. I'm not really into anime, but I have nothing against it. After talking about anime for a couple days, he apparently thought that was the white flag to start talking about more personal things, like his love for hentai and how much he loves chubby ladies with unnaturally large breasts.​This was too much information. I told him that I don't want to hear about what hentai and porn he likes, and I state that it is not appropriate to talk about such things at work. I really started to regret talking to him at all because he responded with "My apologies. It's so nice to be put in my place by such a good lady." I'm pretty sure I visibly cringed. I gave an excuse of having a lot of work to do and ended my break a little early.​Then, things got worse. He started following me around. He asked the manager to let him work in my area to "help" me. By that, he tried to take over all of my work. He said "A lady shouldn't have to work so hard." I kept trying to tell him that I didn't need the help. I was fine with doing my assigned work on my own. However, that only seemed to interest him more because he loved my "enthusiasm."​It was the last straw when I caught him staring at my breasts. (No, I don't wear low-cut shirts or anything provocative. I am a chubby woman who buys all of my clothes from the men's section.) I flat out told him to stop staring at my breasts. He said that I overshadowed all the anime women in his favorite hentai. He also went on a sorta rant about how I should quit my job and let him support me. I went to the manager and asked him to keep Dar far away from me from now on.​Dar tried to report me for discrimination, saying that I was requesting to be away from him because he's black. That has nothing to do with it. He has been crying "because I'm black" ever since. Management didn't listen to him though because he tries this every time something doesn't go his way. "I'm only in trouble because I'm black." "She doesn't like to work with me because I'm black." That sort of crap.​He and I still work in the same store, but he doesn't speak to me now. I have to give him the stink eye occasionally because he'll try to hold a door open for me then bow if I walk through it, which makes me uncomfortable. And he stares at my breasts if we ever walk by each other for any reason.​For the record, a man holding a door for me is not what makes me uncomfortable. It's the fact that he bows when I walk through and seems to get this look of hope that there could be something between us that makes me uncomfortable. via /r/justneckbeardthings https://ift.tt/2R6VIWZ

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