How do I lose a fetish?

Alt acc obv. I just want to state at the beginning it's nothing dangerous like children or animals. It's just something that is becoming the only thing that can get me off anymore. Which wouldn't be a problem, but it's a problem when trying to be sexually active with other people. Also I've been a straight guy my entire life, but I've always had many fetishes and I've always been willing to try everything with every girlfriend I've ever had. But for around the past two years, the only type of porn I've been getting off to is trap doujins and hentai. (I know trap is a offensive word and I know the difference between irl and fiction) I wouldn't say I'm bi either, because after I orgasm I'm no longer interested in the slightest. Does anyone have any tips on how to lose a fetish? Because it's ruining my sexual life via /r/TooAfraidToAsk

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