How do you deal with someone what sounds funny/weird during sex

Ok so this isn't a recent thing for me but earlier this year, my gf let me fuck another girl as part of my birthday present. I met this cute short haired from her art class. That my gf hand picked for me. (As this girl had allways had a crush on me) So this next part is relevant...she was a huge weeb like full on, it's all she talked about and always wore anime t shirts. But she was cute and my gf picked her.Anyways fast forward to my birthday night. My gf sat in the corner to watch. And we start having sex I won't go into details I'll leave that for r/sexstories lolShe was nervous at first as because of my gf watching but she soon relaxed nothing out of the ordinary. She was still shy so was a little quite. And was embarrassed when my gf came up to have a closer look.Anyway fast forward and where in doggy style. And now fully Comfortable with my gf watching. Her moans up to this point where deliberately muffled but as she got more and more into it she muffled moans became what I can only describe as "hentai sex noises" that high picked Japanese squeak.Me and my gf looked at each other with a grin but she started to say things that still weird me out"Masuta, I'm gonna cum masuta" which is master in Japanese or so google tells me. It was so distracting and my gf had to walk behind us so she could hide her laughter. The hentai moans continued and began to become really annoying.I managed to finish and after cleaning up we said we were tired and that she should go.So has something like this ever happened to you and how did you deal with it. Or did you ignore it completely. via /r/sex

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