How many games released on Steam in 2018 actually contain fanservice? A study.

I've conducted a small study of how many games released on Steam this year actually contain fanservice, and I thought I would share the data here. First, my definition of fanservice is as follows:A female, human-like character showing any cleavage or skin above the knee (short skirts, bare midriffs, etc), or wearing clothes that are skin-tight in the same areas.This is intended to be an overly broad definition of fanservice; my rationale for this is that it's a simple, objective set of criteria that includes things that most people would consider to be fanservice, at the cost of likely having some false positives. The purpose of this study is to establish a reasonable upper bound for the percentage of games on Steam that contain fanservice.MethodologyI downloaded a spreadsheet of games released on Steam so far in 2018 from Using the "shuf" command on the Linux command line, I generated 100 random numbers between 1 and 8480 (the number of games on the list). I then went through each of the games on Steam and checked the screenshots for any fanservice (as defined above).ResultsOverall, I sampled 98 games and 2 non-games (which I excluded from the results). A total of 16 out of 98 games contained fanservice (per the definition above), for a total of 16.3% ± 7.2% at 95% confidence.NotesThis data set is all games released on Steam in 2018, including free-to-play games that have few or no owners. I did not exclude any games based on personal judgment about whether those games are spam (hentai puzzles, asset flips, achievement spam, etc). Excluding games with fewer than 20,000 owners would probably eliminate most games that most people would consider spam, but it would also eliminate a lot of potentially worthwhile games that just haven't managed to grab anyone's attention in the sea of indie releases.In the games that do contain fanservice, there were varying levels of it. Several games are what I would consider to be fanservice-heavy (that is, the fanservice is in your face essentially the whole time):Hentai MineSweeperLabyrinth of Refrain: Coven of DuskDead or SchoolHentai GirlAdditionally, there are a couple games I would consider to be included on a technicality:苍夜 - In one screenshot, there is a tiny pixel-art girl in a bunny outfit, among a large number of other characters.FriendZoned Archer - The art is just bad, and it's unclear if the tiny, pixelated female characters in the title screenshot are naked, wearing tight leather, or wearing something else.Fabulous - Angela's Wedding Disaster - This game doesn't appear to be intended for a straight male audience. Some skirts on the characters show skin above the knee, so it met my criteria.There are a couple of interesting patterns that are worth mentioning:Of the 8 games with 20,000 or more owners, 4 of them have fanservice.Out of those 4, 3 of those games are free to play.In general, I feel very confident in saying at this point that anyone who claims that they can't find any video games without fanservice hasn't looked hard enough.Also, this is a fairly large amount of uncertainty, so it would be nice to survey another 400 for a total sample size of 500, which would reduce the margin of error down to about 3%. I may or may not get around to this.DataThe spreadsheet I used is here: filtered out everything but the randomly selected rows. Non-fanservice games are in green, fanservice games are in red. One game is in dark red because it didn't appear when I searched for it on Steam (I had to follow the shop link through SteamSpy), which may indicate that it was taken down. via /r/GGdiscussion

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