How to get over the past??

I [F19] have been dating my s.o [M22] for over a year and I love him to death, we’ve had great adventures and I feel so lucky to call him mine. however I suffer from body image issues, I lack self confidence, and usually very anxious about him finding another girl and leaving me.There’s a few reasons i get worried over him leaving me for someone else: 1. We worked at the same department store so when I told a coworker that I thought he was cute they said he’s a big flirt. I can’t help but think he’s gonna be flirtatious, even unintentionally, at his new job or at school. 2. Before we were official we’d go out to say the beach for example, and if there was a girl with a nice butt he’d say “now that’s an ass” I’d give him a look and he’d say “but I like yours better”. So I’m worried he’s always looking at other girls. 3. I don’t look like any of the girls he’s found attractive in the past. He is Mexican and I’m half Mexican/white. All the girls he has liked are Mexican, tan, skinny. While I’m pale as a ghost and thick. So I feel like if he found someone who checked those boxes he’d go for her. so it probably sounds dumb but I just get super anxious over this, especially since we started working at different places and he’ll be going back to school next spring. He assures me I’m the only one in his eyes but I can’t seem to not worry.One last thing I wanted some advice for is related to porn. Coming into the relationship I knew he watched it, but I didn’t want to know what bc I’m self conscious and knew I’d compare myself. However, one night were were on the topic and he said that to bust a quick nut he’d watch hentai bc “the Japanese moans are ūüĎĆ”. It just made my heart sink and I know he regrets saying it. So he’s laid off on porn for a month and it’s improved our sex life tbh. but the thing that still bothers me is I can no longer watch anime with him, I hate hearing the girls voices and thinking about him getting off to it. I never used to be grossed out by big boob anime girls but now I am and I just want to be able to watch anime without feeling sick knowing he was turned on by anime girls.TL;DR I need some advice on boosting my self confidence and how I can watch anime again with my bf. via /r/relationships

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