How to kill a large quantity of voice chat birds with comparably few stones

So everyone is talking about push to talk. Definitely a needed feature. Nobody wants to bother strangers with their dogs barking, and it's hard to try and roleplay as a badass raider when your mom clan be heard in the background asking if the PB&J she made you earlier upset your tummy tum.Another big concern is team voice. It totally isolates you from everyone else, and the only way to actually talk to other players outside your team is to go into the audio settings and change it. This is definitely tedious so many people just choose not to interact with others outside their team. An understandable choice, but it certainly worsens play for everyone.I present a solution. Team chat is on at all times, while push to talk switches your voice channel to area. You can still hear your team, but you can conveniently trade or talk with strangers. Most people in team voice don't use push to talk, as carrying on a long conversation while fighting can be difficult if you're having to hold down the button the whole time. By having it this way, everyone wins, all while fixing other issues that aren't remedied by push to talk alone. The team voice players get their convenient communication, with the added benefit of easy interaction with outside players. The solo players don't have to wander alone with no one they encounter willing to switch from team chat. Everyone gets the privacy they want for area chat so random strangers don't hear their roommates watching hentai in the background.I think this is the ideal solution for this issue. Let me know of any concerns and I'll satisfy you thoroughly via /r/fo76

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