Hunter StereoTypes DISCLAIMER this is a joke

Hunter StereoTypes: Soul weaver-People only play her after her buff to boost to high ranks cause they were Trash as Hunter So yea gotta play the meta hunter Clown-Orginally the best hunter in the game but is now overshadowed by the “Soul Weaver Meta” anyone who plays him is probably playing him to not be called boosted trash or are Clown mains before this buff and refuse to play Soul weaver Geisha-You know that one Shy guy at school Yea this them,People who play her Cant stand playing the Two “Meta” hunters and will fight tooth and nail to prove Geisha is Better them Joker Ripper-After his buff His stereotype has become more Mixed with New players Playing him cause he has a Nice Design while There is The Top players Who knows how to play him well Photographer-You like taking a Photo of everyone and take Selfies of yourself everyday Feaster-(Insert tentacle Hentai Joke XD) Wu chang-Wu chang really doesn’t have a Define Stereotype he is probably played by people with a Good and Evil side to themself Hell ember-Literally this is the hunter everybody owns and people who use him are probably Newbies Game Keeper-Oh poor Gamekeeper Being the worst hunter of them all if you play him you are obviously meming or you just bought him and wasted your clues and now asking for a Refund via /r/IdentityV

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