[H][US][Mal'Ganis] 7/8H. Evening 2 Night Casual Raiding Guild

About Us:We are a group of friends that played WoW back in Wrath and Cata and just recently decided to play again at the tail end of legion. We are mostly casual as everyone has work and/or school keeping our raid schedule short. We also raid with people off server, so guild membership is not necessarily a requirement. Majority of us all grew up together or have been gaming friends for many years, so the atmosphere is friendly.Some of our members have past Mythic/Heroic raiding experience and many of us are seasoned raiders. We are taking a more casual approach and are enjoying downing bosses while cracking jokes, and experiencing the content. We've recruited a variety of members from reddit and trade spam, and our guild has grown steadily.We Raid 2 nights a week and have plans to reach AOTC. Come join us as we down the last two bosses!******Raid times/days:******Tuesday / Sunday @ 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST.****Current Progression:***\* 7/8 Heroic Uldir. Starting G'huun attempts tonight.Recruiting: Mature Players (18+) who are looking to raid Uldir, try and hit AOTC, and have fun doing it. All roles / classes will be considered!We are specifically in need of Ranged DPS to fill out the raid team to help us push the last few bosses of heroic, but all are welcome to join!https://ift.tt/2DO8LcI Information:Please hit me up or one of our officers on Bnet if you're interested!GM BNET: EcchiHentai#11606Officers: Wikitt#1870, valraven#11958 via /r/wowguilds https://ift.tt/2RXVi5l

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