I am completely, utterly, bemused by these depictions of anime girls

Coming from a very serious fanbase of anime, I cannot even appreciate this over-aggrandised representation of Japanese girls in anime, which to me, are overall pre-pubescent girls that show their lasciviousness in various and unlimited proportionalities by shaking their cartoonishly drawn breasts lavishly. This is what makes these anime girls indiscernible in any way that they are presented. The motif that is formed of these cartoons are girls that undergo unstoppable orgasms every millisecond. Every millisecond. I am completely, utterly, bemused by these depictions of anime girls, especially in this very video. I am taking into account the voice-acting, trying to understand what the point of this over-dramatisation is. I have even compared this to other forms of hentai, including boku no pico, to confirm its perplexing features. I am aware that voice acting is nothing but a role of speech for a caricature, or an exaggeration of a simple character, seeing this trait from other anime. It may even be performed to provoke catharsis. But in this video... How do I ponder upon these unfathomable concepts that even science cannot explain? I mean, what even is that sound at 0:23? 0:23 to me sounds like an orgasmic attack that occurs when someone is having constipation issues while giving birth to an object. And no, I am not a hater, I never even disliked this video. via /r/copypasta https://ift.tt/2zUjmyJ

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