I dont think I would ever make it

I fap to hentai on regular basis and my fetish got wilder and wilder. Tentacles, stomach deform, futa, chikan, living clothes, torture, you get the idea. I'm not even sure I'm still straight anymore. Don't know when exactly I started fantasizing myself as the female. I started stimulating my anal, flushing every shit down there up with toilet hose until I can feel the water inside my stomatch (probably? idk, my belly got really huge as if I'm pregnant). When its done I keep fingering myself, got my anus open really wide until I eventually fist myself. I'm ashamed to admit anal feels as good as what potrayed on doujinshi. Everytime I do this it usually took an hour and I came (no ejaculation; I do this at the end) so much that my knees felt so weak to the point I don't feel like doing anything but sleep because if I'm not careful I could faint any second.So this is a kind warning to whoever thought they could cross the line and get away with it. You can't. It will suck your happiness down the road, got yourself depressed, contemplating suicide, because you really are a piece of shit and a waste of oxygen. You tried to shift blame but at the end you know its your fault.Stay away from hentai. via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2DXMWI6

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