I dont wanna meet the girl my boyfriend faps to

But if I don't go won't change anything he'll see her.They haven't seen each other is years. But she's a 10, thin waist, busty, red head cosplayer gamer girl with the perfect smile. Any other circumstances I'd love to be her friend but she's the girl who got everything he wants. She had a long term boyfriend till few months ago. Then she started liking his Facebook pics and stuff. He's all excited to see her but I can't help that it makes me uncomfortable. I saw her in his fap folder a year ago when I was sneaking my hentai drawings in there as a cute thing. (We have open phone and computer relationship cuz just easier these days with technology and trust)My problem is one drunken night one of their mutual friends said after her break up she was really wishing over my boyfriend (6ft 2 black hair green eyes abs and a great smile and face with full beard) many girls think he's hot but just bothered by seeing her tomorrow. Standing side by side to be compared. Yes he loves me and chose me. Doesn't mean doesn't suck. And if I don't go my overthinking brain would eat up the opportunity to make me more insecure...I'm not telling him not to go or how I feel because it's not my place to influence him that way. Just cant sleep and it's already 5 am and it's anxiety brain.2 years together, 26f 27m I'm his first girlfriend. He's a nerd turned hot after college. I'm a dance team girl turned over weight after a very serious illness which my bf is understanding of. 5ft 1 and 138lbs. Small boobs despite weight gain. And though I eat healthy it's been very hard as I need surgery and treatment before I can move about freely to exercise. I got Lyme and mono at the same time then i formed a large mass on my liver which is pressing on my side, I'm in pain everyday and since then ive gotten a bacterial resident UTI... So I feel ugly and don't wanna stand next to fap folder girl who wants my boyfriend....Sorry just needed to rant so bad. via /r/confession https://ift.tt/2TvAcwK

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