I failed on day 18. But hey, here's an interesting story!

So, this is my second NNN. I failed on day 18. Hey, that's still better than last year. I was a little disappointed though. I only had one more week. Starting on day 5, I felt that I'd outsmarted the system. You see, when I first discovered porn, I didn't know how to masturbate. So I just sort of watched it. Using that same sensation, I would watch porn during NNN for the story. I actually watched more porn during NNN than I did during normal months, as I would watch them beginning to end and write comprehensive summaries, rather than simply watching them and clicking off after nutting. But little did I know I had a limit. You see, I was watching one of my favorite hentai when I decided to edge a little during my favorite scene. Just then, I felt a blip of cum about to explode from my dick. So I decided, "Hey, I failed. Let's not ruin my first orgasm in 3 weeks." So I nutted, and felt a barrage of cum coming form my dick. It was felt amazing. No joke, the cum LEPT from my dick and into my face. Witnessing the sheer power of the cum felt almost as good as the nut itself. My shirt was wet with stains, heck, it still is as I write this (well, it always is after a good nut, but it was DRENCHED). I wiped off what I could, and threw my tissues into the trash can for the first time in 3 weeks (we have two trash cans on the second floor, one in my room and one in the upstairs living room. My trash can is almost exclusively for cum and gum). I wish I could have waited until December to see how much more pleasurable and powerful my nut would have been if I'd waited until then. Heck, I even had a crazy plan to wait until Christmas and nut late at night on the 24th watching my favorite videos. But I failed. And that's ok. Because despite failing, I'll continue right on. While everyone's participating in Destroy Dick December, I'll be doing Demolish Dick 12 of Christmas. Peace brothers. Remember, even if you fail, you can unofficially continue right on. via /r/nonutnovember https://ift.tt/2S4buC9

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