I hope my friend gets a lethal dose of Karma.

Let’s call said friend X. Me and X are really close friends and get along well for the most part but X has quite the ego on her. She believes she can do no wrong and that if you call her out on something you are the shitty person for judging her, so me and X argue all the time because I’m not gonna put up with her shit. If I tell her a joke she did was offensive in the slightest to me she says she can’t be herself around me. I tell her that she is acting kinda selfish and not thinking of the group and she says I’m calling her egotistic. Today was the final straw in that shit . So I am in several discord groups and I share nsfw content in them like straight up porn, hentai, etc.. I am not comfortable sharing this information with anyone I’m not extremely close too but I am close to X regardless of how much we argue so I don’t care that she is browsing my discord servers. She decides to share this with the entire room when she sees I participate in this kind of thing in my private time with a closed group of friends and everyone is giving weird looks and I burned a hole in her sofa because we dropped hookah coals on it fighting over my phone. She blames me for the hole in her sofa and I’m not really gonna talk about sharing XXX content especially hentai in front of our group of friends. I text her when I got home and she tells me I’m always complaining to her over the phone and she knew I would do this so why didn’t I just say something in front of everyone . I hope she gets her sweet share of karma she been building up for the past few months because I have no idea why she would think what she did tonight was funny and that I dont have a right to be upset about it. I don’t want her to be injured just want her ego to be shattered in a million pieces that would be lovely . via /r/TrueOffMyChest https://ift.tt/2T3XOZ0

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