I just realized that I enjoy "ecchi/harem trash" shows way more than actual hentai

Up until now I occasionally tried some hentai, cause lets be honest, as Im getting more and more into anime seeing anime girls in actual porn just sounds hot.But hentai always just felt a bit "off" to me. Like sure, it did its job (if you know what I mean), but still, the actual sex scenes generally felt like they arent as good as I hoped them to be.I dont like the pixelated genitals, the Xray shots (seriously, does anyone goes like "oh hell yea!" seeing a girl's insides?) and also just the fact that pretty much every hentai cuts between camera angles crazy fast, which is really annoying to me.At the same time there are those infamous "ecchi trash" shows which I pretty much completely avoided up until now. You know there is this notion of "why would I watch such a silly thing, I mean I might aswell watch hentai at that point".Turns out the exact opposite of that notion is whats true for me. Im currently watching Monster Musume and Im enjoying it a heck ton. Its basicly hentai without the actual sex scenes and as crazy as it sounds, thats exactly what I needed. Its perfect. Thank you Japan.Im wondering if anyone else is in the same shoes lol. via /r/anime https://ift.tt/2Q1ds8N

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