I love Nowi

Be turning 23 soon.Ask parents for Nowi themed party.Just like the last 6 years.Mom says I'm too old for NowiTell her she better check herself before she Nowi's herselfMom asks if I've taken my meds.I say yes, then ask for a scale flavored cake.Mom says no.I call her an elitist bitch.She sends me to my room and tears stream down my face.Jacking off will probably cheer me up.Pull out super secret loli hentai collection.Open them up to see Awakaning Box (including Fates) that my mom thought were in her room.Its the 171st day of the year.Today I am scheduled to masturbate to Elise from fire emblem fates.Fap furiously when Elise appears and am finished in seconds.Wipe semen off my chest with Nowi body pillow.Start to think about fight with mother again.Get an idea.Sneak out of room.Mom is sleeping.Go to shed in backyardGrab the sharpest tool in the shed.Stand outside Mom's door.Too chicken to do it. I pray to Nowi for courage.The scent of children fill the room.A small hand takes the tool from me."I'll take it from here laddie." Nowi says.Nowi plants the tool deep in my mother's body over and over again.The stabbing went on for almost an hour.Blood sprayed all over the room and on my body. Especially my hands and arms.Nowi is finally finished with my mother and he looks at me.I pull off my blood soaked clothes and poke my butt in the air.Nowi picks me up with one hand and uses her shlong to sweep the remains of my mother off of her bed.Despite the carnage, it still smells like children.But now the smell of pies and sulfur enter the room as well.Elise, Nyx and Kana are suddenly at my side.All of them are just as nude as Nowi.Nowi flops down on her back on the bed.Okay, that is enough I can't do this anymore via /r/shitpostemblem https://ift.tt/2qNmjg9

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