I think Kai'sa has the "Worst" Visual Design in the League...

She is way TOO pretty for void. Every time I see her, this kinda tilts me. Void is something that actually delete you from reality as we know from Jax and the Darkin story. Even Ascended kinda fucked up because of it. An actual god-like beings lost their minds and became Darkins because of it but guess what an 19-20 years old Anime hentai girl came from there without any damage just because she managed to make a symbyotic relationship with some creature from there and she was able to compeletly suprass it for her own good. Riot is usually very good with those type of thing I mean Kayn, Jhin, Nunu and Willump even champions like Orianna old has their identity with themselves but Kai'sa is not ... via /r/leagueoflegends https://ift.tt/2DMCdjz

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