I used to identify as a straight guy. 24 hours later, I now identify as a straight girl.

Sooooo, this actually happened people.My whole life was a lie. A few days ago, I came to a massive realization about myself as a person... that my gender identity is not that of a man. I actually appear to be a transgender straight girl and now I'm working towards transition. Here's how it all went down:Ever since I was little, I've been hypnotized by a category of porn called "Gender Transformation.". This sometimes took the form of stories I read online where a boy was turned into a girl and forced to live as one, have sex with guys, etc. Also, TV shows! Where a guy gets changed into a girl with a magic spell or whatever. You know, those goofy sitcom scenarios? "Oh no! How am I gonna live as a girl now?!". Yeah. Those stories. Except I LOVED THEM. Also, movies. Terrible ones. Like that Rob Schneider one: "The Hot Chick". Ew. Recently, I enjoy genderbend hentai. A similar theme but with pictures! And sometimes the guy that's now a girl falls in love, gets married, has kids, etc.I thought this was just... like my kink. I considered myself a straight guy. As straight as can be. I've dated women, I've adored women, loved every aspect of their femininity. I thought to myself, "I just REALLY like women! I adore them so much that I like to pretend to be them!".Fast forward to now: I'm an adult in my late 20's. I hurt my leg weightlifting really bad. I had nothing to do but sit at my computer and I did what all straight guys do... read about being transformed into a girl! I wanted to see who else was into "Gender Transformation" stuff. Why did I like it? What were the reasons? I wanted to know. I googled it. "Subreddit: r/Transgender". "Huh". Scrolled down. Literally every thing I have ever read, seen, saw, or was excited about was mentioned. Yes, even the Rob Schneider movie. Makes sense right? A transgender person would obviously be into porn that turns them into their true gender identity. But... that's not me.I went to another subreddit: r/genderotica. These were my people! Finally! I scrolled through a thread titled "Why do you have this kink?". "Oh boy! Can't wait to see all the straight guys!". The first comment: "Because I'm transgender, duh.". And then more in agreement. And more. And like... one seemingly straight guy? But still not sure. I posted why I liked it: "I like when it's consensual, when the boy who is now a girl has to come to terms with it, wear new clothes, go on dates, have sex, ultimately fall in love, and even better... if they get married!". (Paraphrased)A reply to my comment: "Egg cracking sounds". For those of you who aren't aware, having your egg "cracked" is a metaphor for a Transgender person realizing they're trans. Hooooo boy. This hit me like a ton of bricks. An intense, palpable fear, like a gigantic tsunami wave rising above me. My heart stopped beating, my face went white, my mind searched my memories: Singing and pretending to be Belle from Beauty and The Beast when I was 6, Barbies with my sister, crossdressing at age 11 in my mom's clothes, being way too into nail polish and makeup and women's fashion, roleplaying as a girl in online chat rooms because "Why would I play a guy?", and then finally... gender transformation. "Nahhhh.", I thought. I quickly read through another genderbend story. "Oh fuck. This is... this is not fantasy. Wait, I actually just want to be a girl? Wait, I only like the submissive parts. A LOT. I don't connect at all with the dom parts. Or the guy..."."Shit, am I actually a girl?". Suddenly, everything changed. The girls that I thought were gorgeous in my life became... normal. They looked like friends. The guys became attractive. Some of my fucking friends! "Oh god, not my friends.". Yep. "Oh wow, that guy's hot.", I said as I scrolled through some pictures. I started to see my favorite movie hero's like Tony Stark and Star-Lord go from idols to love interests. I started to relate to Pepper Potts and Gamora, Ellie from "The Last of Us" instead of Joel, and on and on."Am I a straight girl!?"Those women I thought were gorgeous... turns out I was envious of them. I wanted to be them. Like seeing a pretty flower and wanting to pick it for yourself. I didn't have any hunger to be with them. Was never able to close the deal. Never felt like a dom. I was just going through the motions of what I thought a guy should do. What I wanted a guy to do with me. I laid down in my bed. My body felt HUGE suddenly. Ungainly. I touched my dick and it felt like a stranger's. "Jesus christ, this feels big...". (just let me have that humble brag please it gives my dysphoria now). My mind was suddenly bombarded with images of men. And it was different. It wasn't just what they looked like. It was who they were. Strong, confident, powerful, comforting. This wasn't what attraction used to be to me. It used to just be "That's pretty.". This was 3D attraction.I opened up a browser and got off to pictures of big cocks. I orgasmed so hard my legs flung in the air and were shaking. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. It was like my first, REAL orgasm. Not only that but I used to think dicks were repulsive. Now I was LOVING THEM. I rolled over and went to bed and had more and more thoughts of men.The next morning I woke up. I read a genderbend story. It didn't do ANYTHING for me. In these stories, there's usually a build up before the guy turns into a girl. I was soooooo bored. "Hurry up and turn into a girl!!". I scrolled through it, fast. "Ugh! Where is the girl part?" I realized something. I didn't need the pretext any more. I am a girl. I felt like what I had always wanted to be and now the stories didn't work. I switched to some women's erotica and got off to that instead.So, yeah. This happened in 24 hours. It's been a few days and I've talked to a lot of Transgender girls. I'm a Transgender girl, apparently. Probably a straight one. I'm still getting my bearings and I'm overwhelmed. But, yeah, writing this was therapy for me. I used to think I was a creep with a fetish. I'd beat myself up so much about how sad I was, my love of all things feminine, roleplaying as a girl, etc. I just went online and bought alllll the nail polish in the world and some clothes and I'm gonna enjoy the shit out of it! Don't beat yourself up, people. Embrace yourselves. LISTEN to your hearts. Crossdress. Get crazy. Explore, explore, explore. You never know if you're covering up the real you.The last few days I've seen myself as a mother raising kids with a loving husband. I've seen myself at parties and smiling happily, making new friends. I'm taking care of my body better than I ever did. I have a sense of pride and hope I never had before. This is the real me. The girl in the painting I was painting over. And I am so excited to put her on display.<3 Feel free to ask any questions you have! And thanks to anyone who read the whole thing! I know it was a lot!-Jess (Yep, this is my name now) via /r/sex https://www.reddit.com/r/sex/comments/9yhqyy/i_used_to_identify_as_a_straight_guy_24_hours/?utm_source=ifttt

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