I want to get my sister into gaming (I’m bad I know).

So, I just got my ps4 back from storage, but I seem to have lost all my games.My sister is horrible at games, total noob.What games should I get to get her into gaming (she has no hobbies and is looking I think)? She’s like 15, and watches R rated movies and it doesn’t really matter what the age rating on a game is unless it’s HentaiBabes3 or something.I’m thinking GodOfWar cause it’s epic as fuck. And overwatch cause I remember really liking it. RDR2, maybe bo4 and/or battlefront2 (I heard there’s a new update, can someone explain that to me? We both love stars wars but I don’t want to buy her a micro-shit fest)I’m also thinking I need a 2 player game we can both kick back and play. This is a must.Also a must, I need a game to really get her hyped and see why gaming is so amazing as a hobby. It like, appeals to the male fantasy.But no for real, it’s a great escape and I think she really needs that right now. And I’m going to be leaving her for 4 years.Thanks :)(I haven’t owned/played my own console in 2 years) via /r/PS4 https://ift.tt/2BErvJn

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