If you're on Steam to buy "child-porn hentai", and come here to complain about Steam removing them..

Honestly, fuck off. Nobody cares other than the ~200 other weird dudes that come to these threads and downvote anyone that disagrees, making it look like the majority of people want this shit. Nobody wants that on something they go on every day to game.You complained to them relentlessly to allow that utter shit onto Steam in the first place. Now you complain about them removing one shitty flash game at a time because they are portraying children as sexual objects, and you want to complain under the guise that its because of "inconsistency"? You're so out of touch, you think people truly believe you're advocating for "consistency"? How could you possibly blame them for removing these "games"?You come here and call out the names of other titles, fully expecting them to remove those too so you have more to complain about on this sub. Nobody wants to hear it. The rest of us are normal human beings. I get that there are fetishes out there, but steam isnt the place for child porn.E1: Looks like its back up. Everyone that disagrees, continue on downvoting en masse whatever you want.E2: Oh look, there are more here to downvote, comment and inflate their friends comments that accept this trash. Who would have thought? So odd how directly after the thread is re-opened, there are all of these accounts coming in here, downvoting everything against it and upvoting everything for. These are some creepy people. via /r/copypasta https://ift.tt/2FqQZ15

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