I’m being called… I need your help

Hentai is beckoning me to come forth. Pornhub bellows my name. my tumblr and reddit beg me to browse the nsfw side. Instagram thots tempt me. My friends tell me I’ll be at a higher risk of prostate cancer. I don’t Know if I can hold on anymore. I woke up one night to myself subconsciously beating off to my own dream. I Literally jerked myself awake. The struggle has been hard but I doubt I’ll make it past day 20 even with exercise and cold showers. I wish we all make it through these hard times. We have lost to many to let their sacrifices be in vain I understand this but the call of the forbidden nut beckons to me… the call must be answered via /r/nonutnovember https://ift.tt/2BiACzn

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