Index 1&2 anime only fan, should I watch s3?

I'm pretty much an anime only weeb besides special cases like berserk, medaka box or hentai doujins;). I'm a big fan of the railgun series and I've read bits and pieces about the future arcs but not enough to spoil and I'm really intrigued. I'd very much prefer to just watch the anime than seek the other material just to find out what's going on. That being said I've peeked into discussion threads and it's mostly people complaining about pacing, or if you hadn't seen the original material that it would be hard to keep up, being that it's a huge universe. To be fair I do try to avoid major plot points which could skew the posts I read, but I digress. I'd like to see the rest of the universe, but I would rather just watch anime than find source material. Is the anime good enough? via /r/anime

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