Interested in talking to you 💕

Hello and welcome interested in talking to, making friends or acquaintances with anyone that breathes and can talk about many things is open-minded and isn't normal, looking for my alien brothers and sisters.Interested in (people) Drug dealers Killers Sociopaths/psychopaths Business owners People in positions of power Artists creative people Wise/old people Hackers to hack me and rape my bumol People of any professions preferable social sciences Journalists YouTubers Any colour code and creed even seed People who want to learn or teach Dads mums sons daughtersHobbies: I like Sports Music/rapping Reading Writing Eating Learning Hentai/anime Conversations about many deep things No gay mediocre conversation pls dad Debating masturbating Many fields of studies GamesMy goal is to build myself and others around me to become super sayian and learn about many things and have very good fun time via /r/MakeNewFriendsHere

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